Optimizely Certification exam process

Optimizely Certifications are provided through PSI, a global test delivery provider. Online live proctoring helps you complete your exam on your timeline, without compromising convenience, safety and security. 


Online proctoring

To maintain high standards for earning an Optimizely Certification, the exams are taken in a proctored, timed environment through PSI, a global test delivery provider.

Online proctoring is a testing environment that allows candidates to take their exam from any private space. Candidates use their own computer for the exam, in a proctored environment that uses a screen sharing application.  Currently remote proctoring is only offered in English.

Rules for the remote certification exam
  • You may not go out of sight of the webcam or talk to anyone during the exam.
  • Phones may not be used and turned off.
  • You may not open any other programs on the computer other than the test application.
  • You may not have any books at hand during the exam.
  • You may not take notes in any form during the exam.
  • No headsets or ear phones are allowed.

Identification requirements

All candidates must read the identification information and requirements on this page.

  • You must have acceptable and valid ID with name, signature and photograph. Your complete name and signature as shown on your ID must EXACTLY match the name you registered for the certification exam.
  • Your ID document(s) must be original and cannot be presented on a cell phone or any other electronic device.
  • Photo IDs must be original and recognizable.
  • Without required identification you will not be permitted to test and will forfeit your exam fees.

Scheduling your exam

Optimizely exam appointments are available every other Thursday. Exams are scheduled in six-hour time blocks for your convenience.

When scheduling your exam, use your name as it appears exactly on your primary ID that you will present during your exam session. If the name shown on your primary ID does not match your registration record, you will not be permitted to test and will forfeit your test fees.

Optimizely certification exam remote proctor and exam registration instructions

Step 1:  Remote Proctoring Setup and Instructions

  1. Run a system check of the remote proctoring software https://optimizely.remoteproctor.com
  2. Select Continue to install the remote proctor plug-in
  3. Select Optimizely Exams and choose the name of the exam you are registered for

    Optimizely Exam Step 1
  4. Enter your personal information
  5. Follow the instructions on how to show your photo ID and film your surroundings.

Your proctor system will then be set up and you will be directed to the Examination system.


Step 2:  Exam Self-Registration Instructions

After you have set up your remote proctoring, you will be immediately directed to your exam session hosted by PSI. You must self-register to take the exam. 

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Select Self registration on the Login page

    Optimizely Certification Step 2
  2. Enter the activation key provided to you by Optimizely for the test you are registering for
  3. Create your own Username and Password
  4. Select Create Account

    Optimizely Certification Step 3
  5. You will be directed to a set of Terms of Use. If you agree, select Accept and Continue
  6. You will be directed to a User Information page. Complete your personal details and select Continue. Please make sure your personal details are correct
  7. Select the Optimizely Exam you registered for by clicking on the exam name
  8. Begin your exam

    Optimizely Certification Step 4

Required preparations and equipment

Please ensure that you have the following available before starting the exam: 

  • Photo identification. This should be either a driver’s license or passport.
  • Computer with an internet connection and Administrator access rights. 
  • You may use only one computer monitor. Disable multiple screens before beginning your exam.
System requirements
Operating system 
    • Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 /8.1 /10/11 
    • MAC OS 10.14, 10.15, and 11, 12 Monterey
    • Windows OS not supported on MAC 
Supported browsers 
    • Google Chrome (latest version) 
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest version) 
Hardware requirements 
  • A standard computer webcam, either built-in or external 
  • A standard computer microphone, either built-in or external
  • Stable internet connection, preferably with a cable, with minimum 300kb/s upload speed

Technical Support

If you have any issues with the remote proctoring system, please contact Support via the Contact Support button at the top of the browser or call at:

  • International Students (Outside US and Canada): 1-702-939-6734
  • Inside US: 1-855-436-2039

Exam Retake Policies

  • A candidate may not take any given Optimizely exam any more than three times within a 12-month period. 
  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score on the exam on their first attempt, the candidate must wait one week before retaking the exam.
  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score on the exam on their second attempt, the candidate must wait 21 days before retaking the exam.
  • A candidate may not retake an Optimizely exam that they have passed unless the certification has expired.
  • A candidate must pay to retake an exam.
Submit an exception request to take an Optimizely exam

To retake an Optimizely exam without waiting the required amount of time, a request for exception must be submitted. Requests will on be granted if they meet one of the exceptions listed below.

  • Failure due to internet connectivity issues.
  • Failure due to equipment failure.

Retake exceptions will not be granted if the exam failure is due to a candidate’s lack of preparation, knowledge, skill, or ability.

Please submit requests to education@optimizely.com. Your request must include all of the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Email associated with testing account
  • Exam information
  • Description of error