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Frequently asked questions

Optimizely customers can purchase apps directly from Publishers once they have completed an Order Form located on each app product page. Publishers will contact you to complete payment and deliver the app. Customers will pay publishers directly (outside of Optimizely). Optimizely does not collect commissions or fees from Publishers or Customers.

The prices displayed by app Publishers on the Optimizely app marketplace are inclusive of the application or connector and basic support during normal business hours in the publishers headquarter country. Use of the publisher's app may require you to own a license for their software which may carry an additional fee. Furthermore, app publisher's may also sell optional installation fees, premimum support fees, and additional services fees to support the use of their app. For questions about specific app fees, contact the app publisher using the order form or visiting the app publisher's website.

Apps are designed to work with various Optimizely products including Optimizely CMS, commerce, personalization, cmpaign and analytics. Furthermore, specific version support for each app is listed on the bottom of the app product page. Some apps are compatible with all version of a product (e.g. all version of Optimizely CMS), others are compatible with only the latest version of the Optimizely product and may require you to upgrade your version of Optimizely before the app will be fully functional. Please refer to the publisher’s documentation (also on the app product page) for specific information about compatibility and system requirements to utilize their apps properly.

Optimizely apps are sold directly to customers from publishers. Publishers are Optimizely partners who have had their apps verified and tested by Optimizely. Once you have purchased the app directly from the publisher (outside of, the publisher will deliver the application code, NuGet package, or grant access to the service. Either you or your Optimizely solution partner will deploy the app to your Optimizely installation in a code release process.

If you wish to publish an app on the Optimizely app marketplace, you may apply by completing this form. Once you have signed the partner agreement and paid the annual program fee you must build and apply for verification. Other support and app requirements apply. Please visit our website for a full list of requirements and steps to publish an app on the Optimizely app marketplace.

Yes. There is an annual program fee to participate in the Optimizely app marketplace. This fee is due once you have signed the program agreement. These fees are in addition to any other partner program fees for solution partners or technology partners. Optimizely does not collect commissions for app sales.

Publishers must submit various technical documentation and assets related to your application to publish your app on Optimizely’s app marketplace. For a full list of requirements and steps to publish an app on the Optimizely app marketplace, please visit our app marketplace for publishers website.

Optimizely verified apps or integrations are packaged with NuGet, have associated documentation, and comply with Optimizely security, user interface, and integration standards. They are generally apps or integrations that are integrated into the code of an Optimizely website.

Optimizely certified integrations use Optimizely’s publicly available API’s or place JavaScript on a site. They do not directly integrate into the code of a website. These integrations are certified by showing an integrated solution through a demonstration capability. There is a design review done by the app marketplace team to ensure certification.

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