Microsoft Office 365

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Connect your Microsoft Office Business account to create and edit documents directly within Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform.

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You use Microsoft Office—now you can use it inside of Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform

Familiar with and use Microsoft Office on a daily basis? Now you can create, edit and collaborate on Microsoft format documents directly inside the CMP interface and centralize where all your content creation happens.


Why marketers love Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform Microsoft 365 integration

Create and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint formats within your task workflows, track changes, and assign members when there's something they need to action. Finalized output can be available within the CMP Library within the format it was created in. 



Enable the integration to make the features available to all of your users with Microsoft Business accounts—that's it. 

Users are able to create new Microsoft documents directly within tasks by logging in via the Microsoft interface and edit created or uploaded Microsoft formats from within the CMP task.


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