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Why is AI-based personalization the way to go?



Rules-based Personalization 
(Adobe Target, Path Factory, etc.) 

AI-based Personalization 

Content tagging 

In order to personalize content, you first need to tag it. 

Manual tagging (who has time for that?) 

Automated tagging (complete and consistent) 

Buyer data 

In order to match content to an individual, you need to know their preferences. 

Third-party intent data, Account Intelligence, MAP data 

First-party intent data, and any other data (MAP/CRM/ABM) 

Granularity of data 

How does the system match content to buyer? 

Segment-based approach (by industry or account) 

1:1 matching of content to buyer (takes account of individual, emerging preferences) 


How timely is the decision? 

Content options pre-configured before user session, not responsive to everchanging options and interests 

Content options and buyer data assessed in real-time user session, responding to dynamic preferences 


Where does this work? 

Limited; usually just on web or email; each channel siloed and set up independently 

Seamless; works in synchronization across all digital channels 


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