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Personalize with clicks, not code

Marketer-friendly tools make designing personalized experiences as easy as 1-2-3. 

Target with AI-powered precision

Predict visitor intent and match with dynamically-updating segments to start personalizing with confidence.

Enrich customer data from any source

Direct integrations with Optimizely Data Platform and other tools make it easy to manage audiences and scale your program. 

Target audiences in real-time

Define custom audiences based on customer profile data, omnichannel behavior, AI-based observations, and more. You can even bring in first- and third-party data points to build precision-targeted segments for personalization. 

  • Segments based on visitor behavior update in real-time (with a 90-second refresh rate!), as visitors interact with your site and generate more data
  • Dynamic customer profiles include transactional and loyalty data from additional sources

Build experiences that "Wow"

Create, manage, and prioritize web experiences for different audiences as part of a single personalization campaign—without developer help.  

  • WYSIWYG experience builder loads your website so you can create experiences and see exactly how they’ll look to visitors 
  • Edge delivery lets you deliver personalized experiences at lightning speed, no matter your tech stack

Analyze and measure ROI

Get a breakdown of each personalized experience to quickly understand ROI and summarize the what, why, and how of a campaign. 

  • Audience holdbacks measure overall impact of personalization 
  • Visual, easy-to-read graphs report on the key metrics that you define

Keep it all connected

Optimizely enhances any tech stack

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Direct integrations

Connect Optimizely to your favorite tools, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Amplitude, HotJar, Quantum Metric, and many more. 

Powerful extensions

Spin up personalized experiences faster with templated design elements like background image swapper, dynamic banners, and more. 

Pre-built recipes

Optimizely’s pre-built campaign recipes draw on industry best-practices to help you engage customers and drive conversions. 

Every personalization campaign we run through Optimizely has resulted in significant improvements in conversion rate. And we have much higher levels of engagement, because we have an experience that’s relevant to what you’re doing and the stage you’re at, as a customer.

Darren Chait
Head of Growth Marketing, Calendly

Personalization at scale is the goal to enable data-driven experiences, automation of processes, data integrity and compliance, drive engagement and conversion, and create ‘always on’ marketing campaigns.

Brett Wilson
CIO, Australian Red Cross

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