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We’re excited to announce our latest integration with Microsoft, bringing Optimizely Content Marketing Platform’s (CMP) notifications directly to Microsoft Teams.

Whether it’s your step in a task or an asset has been shared with you, CMP users can now get automated alerts in Teams so that they never miss a beat. This further expands the Optimizely and Microsoft relationship as Optimizely’s DXP is offered on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


“We are thrilled to see Optimizely expanding its capabilities and better serving the needs of marketers through a CMP integration with Microsoft Teams.”

—Benjamin Summers, Director of Teams Product Marketing at Microsoft.


Here’s a look at four key functionalities from the Optimizely integration with Teams that will help marketers work more efficiently when planning, creating, and executing content and campaigns.

  1. Work request notifications
    Nobody wants to realize that they were given work just hours before it’s due, right? To eliminate this problem, Teams users can be immediately notified within the app when they have received a work request or have been assigned a task in the CMP. This allows marketers to proactively stay on top of deliverables and reduce the risk of missed requests (or the need to scramble to complete them at the last minute).

  2. Deadline reminders
    CMP users can receive reminders about upcoming deadlines so that they don’t have to pull an all-nighter or worse, forget about a pending task altogether. Reminders are automatically sent through Teams at a schedule specified by the user of 1, 5 or 10 days before the task is due.

  3. “Shared with you” notifications
    We understand how important it is to be up to speed with all that’s going on in your workspace. Now whenever a new task, campaign, or asset is shared, users will be immediately informed in Teams. The days of “Hey, I just shared a document with you, can you check it out when possible, please?” are over. The CMP will automatically send a notification through Microsoft Teams.

  4. Mention alerts
    We’ve all been there: a multitude of notifications happening all at once, disrupting your focus. CMP users can cut through the noise and choose to receive alerts on Teams only when someone @ mentions them, so that they get notified only when they’re specifically addressed.

The integration with Teams allows CMP users to work more collaboratively and efficiently, relying on automated notifications to remind, alert, and solicit feedback on marketing campaigns and content directly within the Microsoft Teams app.

Optimizely x Teams, at a glance 

Users can:  

  • Stay on-track with deliverables
  • Streamline work requests and tasks
  • Work more efficiently
  • Collaborate with ease
  • Be in control of the notifications they receive

Are you an Optimizely CMP customer who wants to implement the Teams integration? Reach out to your account representative to learn more.