• 200% ROI expected in first year
  • 1 shared calendar across 5 teams and 8 countries
  • 30+ sales reps use shared Digital Asset Management library to repurpose content
  • Strategic enabler of expanding the marketing team globally


With over 40,000 broadcasters, publishers, and other video-driven brands, JW Player (JWP) has built the SaaS video platform of choice for companies whose business relies on video. JWP provides these companies with an easy way to accelerate and scale their video strategy and is the only video platform a company will ever need to stream video, engage audiences on any screen, and monetize content.

Founded in 2004, today JWP is one of the fastest growing SasS companies in the world with a vision to power video-driven businesses, so they thrive in the digital video economy. JWP customers generate 8 billion video impressions/month and 5 billion minutes of video watched/month. JWP is headquartered in New York, New York with offices in London, England, and Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Internally, the JWP marketing function had reached a stumbling block.  Whilst their previous provider, Monday.com, helped the marketing team manage projects and gather information from new clients via intake forms, it was largely used as a check list - sorely lacking in planning, visibility, content planning and capabilities that would allow the marketing team to be extremely efficient and take their campaign planning and content production to the next level.

And this problem was going worst as the JWP marketing organization expanded its team to other countries, including North Macedonia, where it had acquired InPlayer.

JWP leadership required a holistic Content Marketing Platform that would enable its marketing teams to efficiently collaborate and create content with both internal stakeholders and external agencies. As a multinational organization, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Holland, North Macedonia and Singapore, visibility and transparency when planning and executing campaigns and content rollouts was a non-negotiable quality needed in its next content management platform provider. As well as creating campaigns, content governance and management of brand assets was of extreme importance. The marketing team required a centralized library where sales and marketing teams could easily search for, find, use, and reuse content and assets.

With all these necessary requirements in place, JW Player selected Optimizely’s Content Marketing Platform in December 2022 to help provide visibility on a global scale, to accelerate how its teams create content and execute campaigns, and to securely store its digital assets and content in one, easily accessible place.

Onboarding and Implementation

Incredibly, JWP launched the Content Marketing Platform to its internal team after just one full day of onboarding with Optimizely’s internal team. By the following week, the marketing team, which consists of 10 employees and an additional 10 consultants and agencies, had been fully onboarded and trained on how to use the platform, highlighting the ease of use of Optimizely Content Marketing Platform. 

Our business case for the tool expects more than a 200% ROI in the first year, largely related to saving time that was wasted creating content, elimination of unnecessary meetings, and back-and-forths on "Where is the content?" or "When will the campaign launch?

Allison Stagnitti
Director of Demand Gen and ABM

Result & Outcomes

Immediately, both the entire JWP organization, from executive leadership to the marketing and sales teams realized the benefits of Optimizely’s Content Marketing Platform in comparison to Monday.com. Although JW Player quickly onboarded Optimizely’s CMP in December 2022, the user-friendly Calendar tool allowed JW Player to create an entire 2023 plan in the CMP that was shared at the company-wide Sales Kick Off call in January 2023. The marketing team also utilize the Calendar’s customizable view functionality to create bespoke, personalized calendar views for differing team members based on their job role. 

The CMP’s Campaign Management templates allowed the JWP marketing team to quickly duplicate and repeat campaigns for events, Go-To-Market launches and webinars, meaning less time and effort spent on administrative planning and more time spent on impactful, creative efforts. JWP’s leadership team predicts that the Content Management Platform will provide an incredible 200% ROI in the first year alone due to these time savings.

Content and campaign creation, reviews and approvals are now an extremely streamlined process compared to JWP’s previous provider Monday.com. utilizing the CMP’s Task & Workflows functionality, the marketing team can set custom workflows that ensure brand compliance & consistency, collaborate in real time in a dedicated workspace with task dependencies and segment user access so each individual contributor can focus on work specific to them. Additionally, the Task & Workflows functionality has enabled the marketing team to quickly onboard other global teams ensuring that they are quickly integrated and up to speed with the company’s marketing workflows. 

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) library was of great value to the JWP sales team. The intuitive content library houses all content created by the marketing team, with up-to-date assets collated in a single repository. The DAM’s simple search functionality ensures content is easy to find, use and repurpose by all global teams, highlighted by the fact that the library is used by over 50 sales reps. 

On a strategic level, the Content Marketing Platform provides both the JWP executive team and wider organization extensive visibility and complete transparency regarding the content and campaigns the marketing team have created. The simplified calendar views allow the executive team to digest information quickly whilst also being able to easily filter and search for more detailed, specific information if required.

Future Plans

The marketing team plans to onboard a new team in Macedonia in weeks, rather than months, as the workflows and owners are in simple cut and paste templates. These templates are created for every campaign type, from webinars and web pages to entire GTM plans.