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Our Story

  • Dan & Pete co-found Optimizely

    Optimizely graduates from YCombinator

  • Raised $28 million in Series A led by Benchmark

    Opened 1st international office in Amsterdam

    Moved to new San Francisco HQ

  • Raised $57 million in Series B led by Andreessen Horowitz

    Named the #1 "Best Place to Work" by SF Business Times

    Launched Mobile Optimization

  • Raised $58 million in Series C led by Index Ventures

    SF Business Times "Best Places to Work"

    Launched Stats Engine

    Opened offices in London & Cologne

  • SF Business Times "Best Places to Work"

    Opened Munich Office

    Launched Personalization, Recommendations and Full Stack products

  • Jay Larson joins as new CEO

    Optimizely acquires Experiment Engine establishing an Austin office

    Opened Sydney office

    SF Business Times "Best Places to Work"

  • Harvard Business School professor, Stefan Thomke, joins advisory board

    SF Business Times "Best Places to Work" and Kununu "Top Company" in Germany

    Launched Program Management

  • SF Business Times "Best Places to Work"

    Launched Optimized Rollouts (feature flagging)

    Raised $50 million in Series D led by Goldman Sachs

Values in action

Our culture is how we are going to win. It is how we do things. Our culture is defined by our values and the behaviors that embody those values.


Take ownership of your role.


Demonstrate deep, authentic passion.


Trust and respect one another.


Be intellectually honest and seek the truth.


Take risks and experiment in order to innovate.


Default to sharing everything and be candid.


Have a bias for action.


Hold yourself accountable to the highest level of performance.


Focus on enabling our customers to win.

Optinauts in action

Giving back to the community is a big part of Optimizely's culture. More than 80% of employees volunteer on the job, cleaning up parks and waterways, serving meals to the homeless, teaching technology to refugees, and mentoring high-risk youth. Two-thirds of Optinauts donate to their favorite charities at work and employees work directly with nonprofits such as the Sierra Club, UNICEF and Doctors without Borders to use discounted Optimizely products to drive engagement and fundraising, amplifying their impact.

Optimizely is for everyone

Each and every Optinaut is responsible for cultivating a diverse and inclusive company where Optinauts from all backgrounds and identities can thrive. This leads to stronger empathy for customers, happier employees, and better products. Three factors are critical to diversity and inclusion: belonging, empowerment, and recognition.


Cultivating a space where everyone feels that they belong in the community


Creating a space where everyone feels encouraged and enabled to contribute


Having the space where your perspective is given consideration and you are proactively incorporating other perspectives into your own

Ladies @ Optimizely was established to provide a safe place for women to thrive. Ladies @ welcomes Optinauts of all genders who want to make Optimizely a great place for women to work. We strive to create a comfortable space for women to share, connect with mentors, and be more informed.

Ladies at Optimizely

Out @ Optimizely welcomes all LGBTQ+ advocates and allies who seek to create an inclusive work environment for Optinauts across the gender and sexuality spectrums. Our mission is to promote the visibility of the queer community within our company, and to provide a medium for our members to support each other both inside & outside of our offices. We host panel discussions, community lunches, and global pride events!

Out at Optimizely

The Optimizely Diversity & Inclusion Group (DIG) welcomes everyone interested in building a more inclusive company and tech community. We strive to increase the sense of belonging and empowerment felt among all employees, across all ethnicities, religions, cultures, genders, and abilities. DIG members work together to foster a safe and open community, network, create space for respectful discussions about real-life events, and curate events that celebrate our unique identities.

Diversity & Inclusion Group

The Parents @ Optimizely Community welcomes all Opti-Moms, Opti-Dads, parents-to-be, and anyone interested in supporting parents at Optimizely! Parents @ is both a social network and a resource group, and hosts events like “Camp Optimizely” throughout the year to enable parents and their families to thrive at any stage of life. Optimizely has nursing rooms, offers 17 weeks paid parental leave for both birthing and non-birthing parents, flexible time-off, a quarterly wellness grant, and ongoing financial wellness education.

Parents at Optimizely

Don’t just take our word for it

For six years in a row, the San Francisco Business Times ranked us as one of the top "Best Places to Work" in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve also been selected by Wealthfront as one of its top career-launching technology companies and a Top Company by Kununu in Germany.

  • Kununu Top Company Award


Headquartered in San Francisco, we’re quickly expanding our global presence with offices in New York, Austin, Amsterdam, London, Munich, and Sydney and with Optinauts across the globe in various field locations.