Built with security in mind

Our business relies on trust: trust that you can safely run Optimizely's technology on your website. We take this trust very seriously. To that end, we have many processes in place to ensure that the code snippet running on your website does no harm.

  • your code snippet is unique to your account
  • your code snippet only updates whenever you save an experiment
  • we use Selenium and JavaScript unit tests to catch regressions
  • your code snippet is fetched over https if your page is https, and over http otherwise

Optimized for page load speed

On the internet, page load time is critical. Since the Optimizely code snippet needs to load before your page, we strive to minimize the load time of our snippet.

  • the code snippet is compressed with the Google Closure Compiler
  • we host the code snippet on Akamai's content delivery network (CDN)
  • tracking requests are made asynchronously and don't affect page load time
  • uploaded images are loaded with the rest of your site's images and won't block page load

Trusted by thousands every day

Every day, thousands of companies use Optimizely on their website, generating massive amounts of analytics data. We are a team of qualified professionals working for our customers, and we hope you will become our customer too.

Security Bug Bounty Program

Found a security vulnerability? We reward security researchers for their hard work finding vulnerabilities in our products. More information here. You may also contact us at security@optimizely.com.