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Fast and Easy

Quick implementation and easy to use visual editor


Create and deliver relevant experiences on web, mobile web, iOS, and Android.

Trusted and Secure

The platform choice for over 7,000 businesses and counting.


All the basics.
No credit card required.


Customized For Your Business.

Discover Visitor Insights

Learn more about the visitors that connect with you on your websites and mobile apps.

Stats Engine

Basic Visitor Segmentation

Custom Visitor Segmentation

Custom Reports

Report Annotations

Target Optimized Experiences

Focus on your high-value visitors and increase revenue.

Browser or Device

Referrer URL

Query Parameters

Traffic Source

Browser Language

New Vs. Returning Visitors

Ad Campaign

Custom Event

Custom Javascript

IP Address

Custom Dimension


Custom Tags

Time of Day

Location (Geotargeting)

User Lists

Integrate Data Across Your Platforms

Seamlessly integrate Optimizely with the best-in-class products you already use and take action on your data, no matter where it lives.

Basic Analytics & Heatmapping Integrations

Advanced Analytics Integrations

Third Party Data Integrations

API Access

JavaScript API
REST API (1000 calls/month)

JavaScript API
REST API (Custom calls/day)

Manage Your Experience Optimization Program

Empower your team with actionable, real-time data on your visitors and foster the growth of a data-driven culture in your company.


1 Website, 1 iOS App, and 1 Android App



1 Web Domain, 1 iOS App, and 1 Android App








Multi-account Login

Preview Changes

Experiment Change History

Cross-browser Testing

Role-based Permissions

Experiment Scheduler

Traffic Optimized

50,000 MUVs/MAUs



Take your optimization program to the next level with enterprise onboarding and get access to technical and testing strategy experts.

Community (Optiverse)

Knowledge Base


Online Tickets

Phone Support

Enterprise Onboarding

Dedicated Customer Success Manager


All the basics.
No credit card required.


Customized For Your Business.


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How are monthly unique visitors counted?

Monthly unique visitors are counted by adding the number of unique visitors in an experiment on the web to the number of monthly active users in an experiment on a mobile app. You can distribute the unique visitor allocation however you like.

What amount of coding knowledge is required to use Optimizely?

Once the Optimizely Snippet or SDK is installed, you can get started optimizing without technical expertise using a visual editor for both websites and mobile apps. Optimizely is also very developer-friendly, with features that enable custom experiments and advanced targeting for a range of use cases.

What will I need to install on my website or in my mobile app?

Implementation for the web takes one line of JavaScript on every page you want to optimize. On mobile, a similar one-time SDK implementation is all that’s required to start running experiments.

I signed up for Optimizely's Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan. What do these new plans mean for me?

As a current customer, you are grandfathered into the original plan you selected. You can continue to use this plan, or select a new plan if you feel Starter or Enterprise better meets your needs. You can find more answers in this FAQ.

Does Optimizely offer nonprofit pricing?

Yes. Visit Optimizely for non-profits for more information.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

Check out our Knowledge Base for questions about how Optimizely works on your website or mobile app. If you have questions about an enterprise plan, please get in touch by calling or filling out a form. We’ll get back to you!

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US: 1-800-252-9480
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