[On-Demand]: Optimizely's Summer '24 Product Roadmap

Watch Rupali Jain, Optimizely CPO, recap the 'top 5' releases so far in 2024, and scroll down to one (or all!) of three breakout tracks to see what we have in the works for the second half of the year!

2024 is off to a fast start, and so is the team at Optimizely!

Can you believe Q1 is already in the rear view? As we mentioned at the start of 2024, the Optimizely Product & Engineering teams are shipping new capabilities at a high velocity — with over 300 new releases in 2023 (!) across the Optimizely One suite. 

And as we look back on the first quarter of the year, we're certainly not slowing down. From easier content publishing, to personalization and customer insights, to AI (and more AI)... the core themes should prove to be game-changing. 

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However, before we dive into Q2, here' s a quick highlight reel to ensure you're up to speed.


Top 5 highlights from Q1 2024


1)  CMP <> CMS Publishing Integration

If you've heard the expression "a CMS only accounts for the last 15% of the content lifecycle" — well, good news: we've just unlocked the other 85%.

With the CMP <> CMS Publishing Integration, marketers can now produce and collaborate on content using the beatiful, modern workflows in CMP, then seamlessly create, preview and publish content directly to Optimizely CMS. The integration offers a more streamlined approach for marketers with all the bells and whistles required to manage the entire, end-to-end content production lifecycle — from customizable workflows, to modern calendars, and so much more. 

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Easily preview content from within the CMP prior to publishing to the CMS. 


2)  BYOAI (Bring your own... AI)

Already using an LLM? No problem. Connect your AI model to Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform and use that LLM to power the content generated by Optimizely's AI assistant, Opal. This ensures that Opal is providing output based on the data, brand guidelines and tone of voice that your AI has been trained on, making it easier than ever for marketers to create on-brand content and campaigns.

Bring Your Own AI (Optimizely CMP)
Power Opal with the LLM (Large Language Model) of your choice


3) AI Customer Summary Generator

Generate customer insights — now with just the click of a button. The all-new Customer Summary Generator quickly summarizes historical customer data (using the customer profiles stored in Optimizely Data Platform) into a digestible written summary. Simply navigate to a customer profile and click "Show Customer Summary" to see a popup summary of important details like what activities they've taken on your site, the type of content they're consuming, and more.

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Leverage AI-generated insights based on the actions of your customers


4) Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Integration

GA4 is ubiquitous in web analytics, and provides a treasure trove of data. And now, you can take full advantage of it.

By combining the new Google Analytics 4 integration with Optimizely Web Experimentation, you can target custom audiences in your experiments and take your web optimization and personalization to the next level. Leverage the best of both platforms, and run more targeted and impactful experiments and campaigns that drive your business goals.

Google Analytics 4 Integration
Easily select GA4 audiences to target in your experiments


5)  AI Variable Generator 

Ready to take AI to your experiments? If you've ever had a hypothesis you want to test, but struggle to identify what variable to create to effectively test it, the Variable Generator is the answer. 

Variable Generator helps customers automatically generate relevant and contextual variables based on the users input hypothesis and Optimizely’s own experimentation coaching best practices. Simply enter a prompt into a chat with Opal, Optimizely's AI assistant, to receive contextual variable suggestions (based on the hypothesis), and add them to your feature flag with one click.

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Generate new feature variables based on experiment hypotheses


Honorable mention: Opti ID

Optimizely One wouldn't be the best-in-class, composable suite that it is without... you guessed it, Opti ID.

Opti ID brings all of our products together to form a single, unified, cohesive solution that ensures you have the full power of your Optimizely stack at your fingertips. Login once (via SSO) and access all your Optimizely apps. Toggle across different applications (and the instances within each) seamlessly with the Product Switcher. And easily invite new members, adjust roles and permissions, and manage seats via the Admin Center. 

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Join the upcoming webinar: Introduction to Opti ID on May 2, 10 AM EST to learn more!


So, where are we headed in Q2 of 2024 (and beyond)? 


We know that success for modern marketing teams means having two things: flexibility, and simplicity. 'Flexibility' to have a system work the way you need it to. And 'simplicity' to ensure everything within that system is purposefully-designed to help you move with speed and delight. 

That's why we remain dedicated to building world-class capabilities that both provide everyday value, and continuously improve the lives of our customers. 

And rest assured, we're just getting started!

Check out our individual roadmaps for specific details on what you can expect to see (and use!) in your favorite tools soon: 

P.S. Want early access to the latest-and-greatest Optimizely capabilties? Keep an eye out for open beta programs



Anthony Aiosa is Optimizely's VP of Customer & Product Marketing.


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