[On-Demand]: Optimizely's Summer '24 Product Roadmap

Watch Rupali Jain, Optimizely CPO, recap the 'top 5' releases so far in 2024, and scroll down to one (or all!) of three breakout tracks to see what we have in the works for the second half of the year!

2024 is flying, and so is the team at Optimizely!

Can you believe we're already halfway through the year? As we mentioned in our recent Summer roadmap webinar, the Optimizely Product & Engineering teams are shipping new capabilities at a high velocity — and across the entire Optimizely One suite. 

From easier content publishing, to personalization and customer insights, to AI (and more AI)... we're executing on the core themes we know can (and will) be truly transformative for marketing. And it's all coming together to realize the vision of Optimizely One: to be the operating system for marketing teams, aided by embedded AI at every phase of the lifecycle. 

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However, before we dive into the second half of the year, we wanted to reflect on some of the top highlights from the first half of the year...


Top 5 recent releases (in no particular order)


1) Visual Builder: On-page editing and an interactive preview so you can see what your visitors see

Introducing the next generation of visual editing, so you can focus on content, not code. Visual Builder is an intuitive, drag-and-drop content editor specifically designed for the marketer, empowering creators (even those without coding experience) to create, edit, manage and publish content visually on the page.  

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2) Real-Time Segments: Experiment on segments based on real-time behaviors, events, and conditions

Real-Time Segments in Experimentation gives you the ability to target audience segments based on real-time behaviors, events, and conditions in your experiments and feature releases - all with minimal developer effort. Use pre-defined or custom real-time segments from Optimizely Data Platform or use audiences from your existing third-party CDP (Amplitude, mParticle, Tealium, Twilio Segment, and Zeotap). 

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3) Personalization made easy: 
Manage experiments and personalization campaigns side-by-side

Some of the world's best brands are running hundreds of personalization campaigns on Optimizely, and now we've made ite even easier. An all-new homepage experiences brings experiments and personalization campaigns closer together, and easier to manage side-by-side with shared segments. 

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4) AI Product Descriptions: Generate unique descriptions based on product attributes

Generative AI has changed the content game, and now it's coming to commerce. With AI Product Descriptions, you can generate high-quality product descriptions (based on real product attributes and characteristics) to improve SEO and differentiate from stale manufacturer-provided descriptions.

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5) Opti ID: SSO and global navigation to streamline login and cross-product access

Opti ID brings all of our products together to form a single, unified, cohesive solution that ensures you have the full power of your Optimizely stack at your fingertips. Login once (via SSO) and access all your Optimizely apps. Toggle across different applications (and the instances within each) seamlessly with the Product Switcher. And easily invite new members, adjust roles and permissions, and manage seats via the Admin Center.

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P.S. in case you missed it, check out this on-demand webinar: Introduction to Opti ID.


So, where are we headed now? 

In a literal sense... Stockholm, London, and San Antonio (for Opticon '24, of course)! Registration is now open (and it's completely, by the way...) so be sure to reserve your spot. We hope to see you there! 

In a figurative sense... we know that success for modern marketing teams means having two things: flexibility, and simplicity. 'Flexibility' to have a system work the way you need it to. And 'simplicity' to ensure everything within that system is purposefully-designed to help you move with speed and delight. 

That's why we remain dedicated to building world-class capabilities that both provide everyday value, and continuously improve the lives of our customers. 

And rest assured, we're just getting started!

Check out our individual roadmaps for specific details on what you can expect to see (and use!) in your favorite tools soon: 

P.S. Want early access to the latest-and-greatest Optimizely capabilties? Keep an eye out for open beta programs



Anthony Aiosa is Optimizely's VP of Customer & Product Marketing.


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