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Introducing the Q4 product roadmap for Web Experimentation. See what features have just arrived and what's coming soon to the world's fastest, smartest experimentation platform and A/B testing solution.

What's here now


Experiment Collaboration

Generally Available

Welcome to a better way to run experimentation, with one centralized place to: 

  • Document the context of an experiment (hypothesis, variation designs, key learnings, etc), promoting collaboration and preserving discussion
  • Track tasks in the design, build, and launch phases of an experiment to ensure experiments are launched on time and with qualtiy
  • Customize workflows and codify your experimentation process to build teams that are self-sufficient…regardless of maturity
  • Embed design files and directly annotate them in-app to simplify the feedback process and land on a winning design idea faster
  • View and share your experimentation program however you want: a List, Calendar, Timeline, or Board view.

Learn more on the Experiment Collaboration Page, and try an interactive demo! To get access to these features, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.


Google Analytics 4: Report Generation

Generally Available

Connect your Web Experimentation project to the GA4 property you want to associate it with.

  • Send specific (or all) variations within an experiment to GA4 as an audience
  • A unique ID surfaces the data associated with each user in the variant

Here are the steps to set it up


Copy Generator

Generally Available

In Web Experimentation's visual editor, you can select any text element within your page and get AI-generated copy suggestions that are similar to your orginal text. Try it out!

  • Preview suggestions in the visual editor before your confirm your selection
  • Provide positive or negative feedback on individual suggestions
  • Regenerate the suggestions if you want a fresh list of ideas​

Copy Generator is generally available as of November 2023!


Statistical Significance Notifications

Generally available

With notifications for statistical significance, you can be confident in your experiment launches knowing that if a monitoring metric reaches statistical significance – commonly an unanticipated event, like a significant increase in bounce rate – that you will be alerted in case intervention is required.

  • Automated email alerts that indicate when any metric in any variation in an experiment reaches statistical significance
  • Reduce operational risk by being alerted when primary metrics reach statistical significance
  • Increase experiment velocity by timely concluding experiments and launching next experiments

For further information, check out our support documentation


What's coming soon


Automatic Sample Ratio Mismatch Detection

generally available - dec '23

Set up a smoke alarm to safeguard your experiments! Identifying Sample Ratio mismatches is crucial, as about 10% of A/B test outcomes are unreliable due to significantly skewed visitor counts. Use automatic SRM detection to receive notifications when traffic distribution to a variant deviates greatly from intended proportions. Swiftly detect experiment issues and take action.

  • Get an alert with information on why a mismatch is happening and how to fix it
  • Increase the number of high-quality experiments you run
  • Decrease the number of invalid business decisions you make

Read more detail in our support documentation


Dynamic Selector Support


Configure visual editor support for single page applications via JavaScript frameworks, including React and NextJS.​

  • Reduce experiment configuration time
  • Empower marketing teams to author experiments with less reliance on developers

More information to be announced soon!

Winner Rollouts


Roll out a winning variation without asking for help. 

  • Easily roll out winning variations to all users at the push of a button
  • Reduce the need for additional development resources

More information to be announced soon!


Experiment program reporting

in Development - Beta in Q1 '24

Give your experimentation program more visibility and attract more executive investment. Program Reporting makes it easier to aggregate and generate reports that are timely, valuable, and accessible to all levels of your organization.

  • Out-of-the-box reporting for experimentation Program Managers
  • Metric Impact Report: See how each experiment contributed to increasing the target metric

  • Program Throughput Report: Live view of % of visitors in at 0, 1, 2, 3, or N number of experiments

Knowledge Center

open beta

Coming to Web Experimentation in late-November, Knowledge Center will offer you a seamless way to interact with Optimizely knowledge!

  • Product roadmap updates
  • New feature releases
  • Join beta programs
  • Submit product feedback

Take a peek at how it will look and feel.



That's all for now! Read our Release Notes for information on all releases.

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