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What's here now

Real-time Segments for Experimentation

Generally available

Target experiments to user segments based on real-time behavior.

  • Utilize pre-built segments in Optimizely Data Platform​
  • Combine Real-time Segment targeting conditions with user attribute-based conditions within the audience builder for enhanced control​
  • Target according to your software delivery strategy i.e beta, geo targeted or phased rollouts​

AI Variation Generator

generally available

In Web Experimentation's Visual Editor, you can select any text element within your page and generate AI-suggested copy based on your original text. You can then select one of those suggestions and automatically create a new variation for your experiment with one click.

  • Preview suggestions in the Visual Editor before you confirm your selection
  • Provide positive or negative feedback on individual suggestions
  • Regenerate suggestions for a fresh list of ideas
  • Convert a suggestion into a new variation with a single click

Single Sign-on, New Navigation, Admin Center

current rollout

Optimizely One brings all of our products together to form a single, unified, cohesive solution. This gives practitioners the simplicity (and delight) of being able to toggle across different applications with ease, while giving Admins the power and flexibility to have all the controls they need directly at their fingertips.

  • Consolidated Authentication: Streamlined and secure login with SSO and MFA controls
  • Cross-Product Authorization: Seamless navigation across Optimizely apps
  • Centralized Administration: Simplified user management with roles and permissions across Optimizely

These features are rolling out throughout 2024. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Dynamic Selector Support

Generally available

Web Experimentation's Visual Editor now supports single page applications via JavaScript frameworks, including React, AngularJS, NextJS, etc.

  • Custom attribute-based targeting increases the reliability of dynamic selector targeting
  • Accelerate your experiment configuration and reduce reliance on developers
  • Launch experiments faster using our standard selector targeting without needing to manipulate your source code

Edge Delivery

in beta

The fastest way to deliver Web experiments to users.

  • Assign users to experiments and apply changes at the edge before your web page even reaches your visitors
  • Higher website performance with less JavaScript delivered to your users
  • Implementation without having to rebuild your existing Web projects

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Optimizely Reporting for Experimentation

in beta

Give your experimentation program more visibility and attract more executive investment. Optimizely Reporting for Experimentation makes it easier to aggregate and generate reports that are timely, valuable, and accessible to all levels of your organization.

  • Out-of-the-box reporting for experimentation Program Managers, experimenting Marketers, or Data Analysts
  • Metric Impact Report: See how each experiment contributed to increasing the target metric

  • Program Throughput Report: Live view of % of visitors in at 0, 1, 2, 3, or N number of experiments

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Winner Rollouts

in beta

Roll out a winning variation without developer dependency. 

  • Identify concluded experiments with a new "concluded" status and record your results (i.e. positive, negative, inconclusive)
  • Easily roll out winning variations to all users at the push of a button
  • Reduce the need for additional development resources

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Google Analytics 4: Audience Targeting

In beta

Scale experimentation and personalization programs with a more powerful Audience Builder that allows you to deliver tailored experiences to your visitors more easily.

  • Eliminate the need to rebuild segments, and run more targeted, impactful experiments.
  • Retrieve Google Audiences from GA4: Pull audience data from GA4 and display a list of available Google Audiences in Optimizely’s Audience Builder so you can quickly target them
  • Identify Google Audiences via a unique value/ID: Connect audiences sent to Optimizely with a snippet to validate that the visitor meets the Google Audience conditions for user bucketing

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BigQuery Direct Share

In beta

Simplifying data analysis for BigQuery users.

  • Real-time data available in your BigQuery
  • Ability to combine datasets
  • Query Optimizely Experimentation data however you like

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CDP Audience Sync

In beta

Connect a 3rd party CDP for enhanced experiment and release targeting

  • Leverage existing segments in your 3rd party CDP for experimentation and releases
  • Bring Optimizely’s Real Time Segment (RTS) capabilities to your existing CDP​
  • Single source of truth for audiences across your stack​

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Additional UX Delights

  • Save Test URL(s) of a Page: Once a URL is added to the test URL(s) section, it will be saved upon navigating away to save QA time and avoid duplication of work
  • ID column in Audiences/Extensions list page: Surface IDs for Audiences and Extensions on the list page for quicker references when using the REST API and parity with other components.
  • Collapsible HTML section: Ability to collapse the HTML section in the Visual Editor for improved UX when editing/adding elements.
  • Web UI cleanup: This includes removal of Optimizely Classic, deprecated audience conditions, deprecated Cross-Browser Testing, and fixing typos and redirect links.


What's coming soon

AI Variation Summary

Beta in Q2

Quickly understand your experiment's variations at a glance.

  • Each variation's changes will be summarized into natural language for easy readability and better understanding
  • Less manual work, no more clicking into individual variations to see detail

Contextual Multi-armed Bandits

in development

Utilize key information known about a user when predicting which treatment to serve them.

  • Data, machine-learning, and growth teams can customize bandit algorithms that automatically personalize user experiences to optimize outcomes.

More information to be announced!



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