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Upcoming summer product roadmap webinar!

Join us on Tuesday, June 11 2024 at 10am ET for the official 2024 Summer Roadmap webinar and get the full scoop on all the product happenings across Optimizely One. Just like last time, this open-invite session will recap the first half of the year and provide a sneak peak at what's next.

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P.S. If you can't attend, feel free to sign up anyway — we'll be sure to send you the recording directly.



What's here now

Real-time Segments in Experimentation 


Target experiments to user segments based on real-time behaviour

  • Utilize pre-built segments in Optimizely Data Platform.
  • Combine Real Time Segments (RTS) targeting conditions with user attribute-based targeting conditions within audience builder for enhanced control.
  • Target according to your software delivery strategy i.e. beta, geo targeted or phased rollouts.

CDP integrations for Experimentation 


Connect a 3rd party CDP for enhanced experiment and release targeting.

  • Leverage existing segments in your 3rd party CDP for experimentation and releases.
  • Bring Optimizely’s Real Time Segment (RTS) capabilities to your existing CDP.
  • Single source of truth for audiences across your stack.

Optimizely Reporting for Experimentation

now in Beta 

Share the right insights with the right people.

  • Quantify experimentation program performance using KPIs like velocity and conclusive rate across your experimentation projects.
  • Drill down into the charts and figures to see an aggregate list of experiments, export into a CSV or Excel file.
  • Segment these KPIs using project filters, experiment type filters, and date ranges.

Check the beta page for info.

BigQuery direct share

Now in beta

Simplifying data analysis for BigQuery users.

  • Real-time data available in your BigQuery.
  • Ability to combine datasets.
  • Query experimentation data however you like.

Check the beta page for info.

In-app integrations 

Live now!

Discover available integrations in-app.

  • All integrations surfaced in-app to make discovery and set-up simpler.
  • We'll keep you updated – more integrations on the way.

Onboarding guides

Live now!

Interactive guides for faster onboarding and a more intuitive experience​.

  • Smart guides enable more users to get started in experimentation faster.
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs to set up experiments, release features or even build a simple app.
  • Increase experimentation velocity and get the most out of Feature Experimentation.

Experiment & Feature Flag Scheduling

Live now!

Reclaim your weekends.

  • Schedule a Flag or Rule to toggle on/off.
  • Schedule traffic allocation percentages.
  • Faster experimentation velocity with confidence in scheduled changes.
  • Smoother progressive rollouts.

1-Click Flags Migration

Live now!

Easily migrate your Full Stack projects to Feature Experimentation.

  • Self-service migrate your project seamlessly in minutes without impacting running experiments.
  • New & significantly faster UI performance.
  • Migration eligibility information and usage constraints available.

AI Variation Generator


  • Get inspired by Opal, your AI assistant, on what variations to create for your experiments and personalization campaigns.

Check the beta page for updates.

AI Variable Generator

Live now!

Brainstorming with Ai to develop higher quality experiments​.

  • More variations = better outcomes: Let Optimizely’s Opal help.
  • Let AI suggest content variations in your experiments.
  • Increase test velocity.
  • Improve experiment quality.

Experiment Collaboration

Coming soon!

Collaborate and manage your experiment lifecycle in one place.

  • Track tasks in the design, build, and launch of an experiment to ensure experiments are launched on time.
  • Orchestrate the program easily using the calendar, timeline, and board views.
  • Customize and save these views to share with other stakeholders.

This feature is rolling out to users in early Q2 - check the beta page for updates.

Contentful integration

Now in beta

Contentful and Optimizely working together to facilitate experimentation without developer dependency​.

  • Fast, simple integration with one of our customer favorite content tools.
  • Users can run experiments on content using the Contentful web app and do not need to ask for code changes​.

Check the beta page for info.

What's coming soon

Flag & Environment Permissions

Beta Q2

#1 Most requested feature in 2023!Granular permissions furthering privacy, safety and quality in flags and experiments​.

  • Control who can release to production vs. test in non-production environments​.
  • Control access to experiments and flags within a project​.
  • Assign owners to experiments and flags​.

Hybrid Serverless Agent 

Beta Q2

Because milliseconds make millions - run experiments entirely at the edge as simply as possible, without the need to implement SDKs at the edge, and without compromising on performance, scalability, or flexibility. 

  • Run experiments purely at the edge, reducing latency and flicker. 
  • No complex SDK implementation. Comprehensive Edge SDK with default decision caching logic. 
  • Use the Agent in a serverless environment, reducing infrastructure scaling concerns. 

Opal Copilot

Beta Q2

Harness Optimizely expertise via Opal.

  • An experimentation & Optimizely expert, available 24/7 for you to work with.
  • Chat with Opal about experimentation best practices, how to use Optimizely, and more.
  • Ideate on what to test and how to do it, maximizing the value they get from Optimizely.

Metrics Filtering

beta Q2

Go deeper with dynamic event properties to filter through your events.

  • Dynamic events provide better insights for experimenters.
  • Explore your metrics in depth for more impactful decisions.

Rule Statuses

in development

  • Gain visibility into which stage of the experiment lifecycle your experiments are in.

Flexible Flags Dashboard

in development

  • Configure, save, and share customized views of your flags dashboard.

  • Drill into details of individual flags. 

  • Give stakeholders more information on flag setup and which flags to focus on.

Variable Picklists

in development

  • Restrict variable values to predefined options, providing guardrails when configuring feature flags and experiments.


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