Whats here now

1-click migration path

generally available 

  • Achieve better application performance
  • More flexibility in experimentation and progressive delivery

It’s now easier to migrate from legacy Full Stack to Feature Experimentation. Our In-app migration wizard retains all flags and experiments allowing for a seamless transition

Whats Coming soon

Rule Scheduling 

Invite only Beta

  • Schedule a Feature Flag or Rule to toggle on/off 
  • Schedule traffic allocation percentages 

Achieve faster experimentation velocity with confidence in scheduled changes. Planning experiment execution ahead of time enables smoother progressive rollouts and takes the load off when planning out-of-hours releases.

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Stat sig notifications


graph showing statistical significanceimage showing stat significance notification option

  • Receive notifications when any metric in an experiment reaches statistical significance.  

Increase experiment velocity and launch the next experiment sooner with the timely conclusion of experiments. Reduce operational risk by being alerted when monitoring metrics reach statistical significance

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Automatic Sample Ratio Mismatch Detection

generally available - dec '23

 image showing Auto Sample Ratio Mismatch detection

Set up a smoke alarm to safeguard your experiments! Identifying Sample Ratio mismatches is crucial, as about 10% of A/B test outcomes are unreliable due to significantly skewed visitor counts. Use automatic SRM detection to receive notifications when traffic distribution to a variant deviates greatly from intended proportions. Swiftly detect experiment issues and take action.

  • Get an alert with information on why a mismatch is happening and how to fix it
  • Increase the number of high-quality experiments you run
  • Decrease the number of invalid business decisions you make

Read more detail in our support documentation.


Experiment collaboration 


image showing messaging workflow for stakeholders

  • Workflow management to track tasks in the design, build, and launch of an experiment​.
  • Experiment briefs let you document the context of an experiment – the hypothesis, variations assets, and key learnings – to promote collaboration and preserve discussion.​
  • Intuitive calendar, timeline, or board view of the team's tasks to better orchestrate the program. 

Coming to Feature Experimentation in October – reach out to your CSM for more info. 


Experiment program reporting


Experimentation kpis

  • Out-of-the-box reporting for Experimentation Program Managers 
  • Metric Impact Report: See how each experiment contributed to increasing the target metric
  • Program Throughput Report: Live view of % of visitors in at 0, 1, 2, 3, or N number of experiments 

We are always innovating our reporting tools. This latest update gives more access to more data and lets you dial into the experiments creating maximum impact.


Advanced audience targeting

closed beta

Graphical user interface, application

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With our Beta well underway, we are looking forward to announcing the launch of Advanced Audience Targeting soon.

Connect your existing CDP audiences and benefit from the real-time audience capabilities of Optimizely ODP - all in a low code integration.  

Watch this space for updates..


If you would like to give product feedback or join our Customer Advisory Board – reach out to your CSM. 

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