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[On-Demand]: Optimizely's Summer '24 Product Roadmap

Watch Rupali Jain, Optimizely CPO, recap the 'top 5' releases so far in 2024, and scroll down to one (or all!) of three breakout tracks to see what we have in the works for the second half of the year!

Search Powered by Google

Built for use by marketers to reduce costs of search implementation and management, we are partnering with Google to bring you Search for Configured Commerce in public beta. 

This includes market-leading functionality across:

  • Search algorithms
  • Personalization
  • Complex query handling
  • Enhanced filtering
  • Mobile-deploylment

Google Cloud logo

Promotions (Private Beta)

We are enhancing our promotions engine to bring you enhanced capabilities to increase promotion accuracy and implemention. This will be available in private beta in Q3. 

Featured benefits: 

  • Enhanced promotions rules and segmentation to increase purchases and conversion rates
  • Scalable promotions engine to grow revenue for B2B, B2C, or DTC use cases
  • Seamless promotions management with little to no manual oversight
  • No technical expertise required to manage

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Mobile Flutter App (Generally Available)

Our Mobile Flutter App makes it easier for you to reach 100% of your audience by deploying exceptional commerce experiences to your customers through their mobile device.

Featured benefits:

  • Mobile app using Flutter code language to provide both out-of-the-box functionality and ability to customize your app based on unique business needs
  • Out-of-the-box functionality includes: barcode scanning, list management, save order, quick order, submit for quote, count inventory for VMI, show/hide inventory and pricing, product availability by warehouse, and more.

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Core Web Vitals (Phase 2)

We are continuing enhancenebts on Core Web Vitals to improve your customer's buying experience on your digital storefront.

Featured benefits for phase two: 

  • We are increasing performance for our content, content theme, and site messages API helping you increase overall site performance

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Understanding the Optimizely Commerce Product Roadmap


At Optimizely, we value clarity and transparency into what we're building and why. To do this, we publicly share a majority of our Commerce product roadmap. In the roadmap, we have categorized our work into three groups: Committed, Planned, and Considered. These definitions represent levels of assurance around what products we will deliver quarterly. 


Committed items are features that we are devoted to delivering within the quarter. Planned items are features we're targeting to deliver in the quarter, but are less likely than Committed items. Considered items are features we have acknowledged and are considering but may not be worked on or delivered in the quarter. 


This roadmap is dynamic, therefore, it is intended for informational purposes only. The roadmap is not binding and should not be relied upon in making any purchasing or development decisions. We reserve the right to revise this roadmap at any time without notice.


MODULESearch (Public Beta)
MODULEPromotions (Public Beta)
CONFIGCore Web Vitals (Content Page URL)
CONFIGCore Web Vitals (API Performance x2)
CONFIGEmail Validation for Password Change


MODULETranslations (Generally Available)
MODULEOptimizely DAM (Private Beta)
CONFIGCore web vitals (Additional)
CONFIGCopy Widget Spire
​CONFIGAdmin Console UX (Search + Left Navigation)
CONFIGGranular Permisions
CONFIGSite-Specific Email Lists (Contact Us)
CONFIGLocalization for Calendar Format
CONFIGODP Events OOTB for Spire


CONFIGCMP Widget (Spire)
CONFIGAdmin Console UX (Dashboard)
CONFIGCookie Manager
CONFIGAdmin Console Security Addtions
CONFIGEmail Validation for Create Account
CONFIGFull URL parameters for Images

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Disclosure and Safe Harbor. [2022-8]. This product roadmap is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only. It may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. Customers who purchase our products should make their purchase decisions based upon features and functions that are currently available. Any unreleased services, features, functionality, or enhancements referenced in any document, roadmap, blog, website, press release, or public statement that are not currently available are subject to change at our discretion and may not be delivered as planned or at all.  The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Episerver Inc. (dba Optimizely).

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