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Enhancements to Real-Time Segments

With real-time segmentation, you can personalize content or offers to users based on their current behavior or interactions, send targeted promotions or messages to those actively engaged with your platform, and allocate budget to campaigns that show immediate impact or response. 

In Q1, customer profiles will show in which real-time segment users are included.  

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Make More Connections

The integration platform offers greater flexibility in building the perfect marketing stack with one-click solutions. 

Q4 updates for Optimizely Connect Platform include:  

  • Bidirectional sync with Salesforce CRM: Now your data can go both ways between ODP and Salesforce CRM. Join the beta!
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads integration: Generate leads from landing pages you build within LinkedIn by easily transferring content gathered from fields to ODP. 
  • Amplitude passthrough: Introducing a one-click integration with Amplitude. Take Amplitude audiences and create corresponding real-time segments to fuel experiments. 

Learn more about the Optimizely Connect Platform. 

A Unified Digital Experience: SSO, Product Switcher, Admin Center, and Reporting

Optimizely One brings all of our products together to form a single, unified, cohesive solution. This gives practitioners the simplicity (and delight) of being able to toggle across different applications with ease, while giving Admins the power and flexibility to have all the controls they need directly at their fingertips.  

Updates coming soon to Opti ID include: 

  • Organization admins (as well as support and product) can resend user invitations to the admin center, activate/deactivate users, and reset passwords. 
  • With access management, product or project-level admins can manage users at the instance level.   
  • Users will be able to personalize their profile and mark instances as favorites. 

*To learn more about the migration process, contact your CSM. 

Optimizely Reporting: Your Most Important Data on Display

Optimizely Reporting is your go-to solution for effortlessly accessing and visualizing your most crucial data. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools -- Optimizely Reporting provides you with a standardized reporting experience across all your products. 


Key features include: 

  • Streamlined User Experience: Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience without unnecessary complexities. Get the insights you need, right at your fingertips. 

  • Access Management with Turnstile: Say goodbye to complex permission setups. Optimizely Reporting integrates Turnstile, our advanced access management system, ensuring personalized experiences tailored to each user's entitlements and provisioning within the visualization tool. 

  • Dynamic Navigation Design: Enjoy a consistent look and feel across all your data with our simple and flexible navigation design. Whether you're exploring reports or dashboards, Optimizely Reporting adapts dynamically to your products, providing a unified and effortless experience. 

  • Customizable Dashboard Visibility: Take control of your reporting experience -- Tailor your view by choosing the most relevant dashboards based on your product access. Optimizely Reporting lets you personalize your data visualization for a more meaningful analysis. 

  • Leverage ODP Data: Unlock the full potential of your data with Optimizely Reporting. Seamlessly tap into the power of Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) to access and combine multiple data sources, enabling deeper insights and confident, data-driven decisions. 

Out-of-the-Box Reports: Optimizely Reporting currently offers five pre-built reports for each ODP or ODP Lite instance, covering a range of metrics crucial for better decision-making: 

  • Website Activity 

  • Website Trends 

  • eCommerce Metrics 

  • eCommerce Lifecycle Metrics 

  • eCommerce Key Metrics 

Interested in enhanced decision making? Join the Optimizely Reporting beta experience.  chart, application


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