Join the Visual Builder Beta!

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Our new visual experience builder is coming soon to Optimizely CMS! The builder provides an intuitive visual editing interface, making it easy to build beautiful content experiences for any channel. We’re inviting all marketers and content creators to preview and test the new visual builder ahead of launch! 

The Visual Builder Beta will launch in April 2024. Sign up here to get instant access once available. 


Optimizely Graph Support for Blue/Green Deployment

Safely test big changes to your digital content

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This update will allow developers to create a separate but identical Graph instance, so they can safely test big content changes without risk of disrupting your digital presence.

  • Blue instance runs the current version for live traffic
  • Green instance runs the new version containing the changes. Once ready, developers can safely switch over traffic

Coming Q2, 2024. 

CMS + CMP Publishing Integration

Reimagine your webpage creation process

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Marketers can produce and collaborate on content in CMP, then seamlessly create, preview and publish content to Optimizely CMS 12. The integration offers a more streamlined approach for marketers to manage the content production lifecycle of their CMS pages by taking advantage of tasks and workflows in CMP. 

This integration is now available! See the developer documentation for help getting started.  

Headless Forms (Beta)

Render forms in a completely decoupled fashion

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Optimizely Forms now has new headless capabilities for Optimizely CMS 12 customers that makes it easy to render forms in a completely decoupled fashion.​ It includes a generic JS SDK and a React starter kit that provides a fully customizable default look & feel and can be distributed with Optimizely Graph or using a new set of dedicated REST APIs. 

Now available! Learn more

Developer documentation

Optimizely Graph .NET SDK

Take advantage of Graph, no GraphQL expertise required


The Graph .NET SDK is a lightweight .NET SDK for querying Optimizely Graph. It eliminates the need for GraphQL expertise by leveraging LINQ expressions and fluent interfaces in a syntax that will be very familiar to Search & Navigation customers. 

The Graph .NET SDK enables developers to:

  • Leverage Graph features like semantic search for existing ASP .NET sites
  • Build headless frontends based on Blazor​
  • Build Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps using Optimizely CMS content

Now available! Learn more

Developer documentation

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