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Composability has always meant complexity. 

Composable architecture makes it possible for brands to build the perfect tech stack for their business. But too often the marketer experience is compromised. As solutions focus on capabilities that enable developers to “compose” the perfect system, those capabilities bring new complexities for marketers to navigate as they create and design content. 

This year, our team has been laser-focused on delivering both flexibility AND simplicity. Because modern marketing organizations cannot afford to compromise—we need both. 

That's why we’re thrilled to unveil three all-new components of the Optimizely CMS. So you can get the flexibility required to build a stack that meets the ever-changing needs of your business, balanced with the simplicity that makes your content orchestration solution a joy to use every day. 

Announcing the future of CMS

We’ve created a system with truly composable architecture, giving developers and marketers an easier, faster, more user-friendly way to author and deliver content—using whatever architecture (pure headless, hybrid headless, or head-on) your organization needs. 

By the way, when we say composability, we mean the ability for you to design a system, made up of multiple applications, that works for your business.   

With three all-new modules to make composability easier, we’re giving you the ability to future-proof your stack and compose the best CMS for your unique business needs.    

SaaS Core CMS 

Historically, the content management “core” of the Optimizely CMS has been PaaS-based. This is the source of truth for your content data—your core content repository. 

And now, we’re making our CMS available in SaaS too. SaaS Core is headless by design. It stores content as pure data, absent of presentation, so you can use and reuse your content across channels. 

Optimizely CMS customers can now choose SaaS Core or PaaS Core. We are fully committed to supporting both for the long term and giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that’s right for your business. 

Optimizely CMS PaaS vs. SaaS

SaaS Core is coming soon. Today, you can join the waitlist to preview it in beta

Optimizely Graph 

Optimizely Graph illustration

Built on GraphQL, a known industry standard, Optimizely Graph helps you search, query, and deliver content seamlessly across channels.  

While our initial release over the summer focused on content, we’re not stopping there. You will soon be able to synchronize data from external sources and manage it all from a single hub.  

It's a developer-first way to aggregate and unify your data in one place, and get data out of the system for use across any and every digital experience.  

Optimizely Graph is available now and compatible with both PaaS Core and SaaS Core. 

Visual Builder 

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The all-new visual experience builder is an elegant, intuitive editing interface that puts the power in the hands of content creators, with: 

  • Visual on-page editing and previews 
  • Templates you can build using drag-and-drop—no code necessary 
  • Fully connected to content via Optimizely Graph 
  • And personalization embedded right into the experience 

...all of which speeds up experience creation. 

The visual builder is coming soon and will be available for both SaaS Core and PaaS Core customers. 

In summary 

With the addition of SaaS CMS, Optimizely’s entire product suite is now SaaS and fully-composable, boasting a seamless, delightful user experience for all the work we have to do daily.   

Can’t wait for the SaaS version of the Optimizely CMS? Get on the waitlist today to be among the first to try it out! 

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