Increase your velocity

Launch tests faster and test more by giving people
the control and governance tools they need to
become confident and self-sufficient.

Experiment with full control

As you scale, maintain high-quality processes and experiments by spelling out your workflows and giving 
everyone a framework to follow.

Enable 'test-and-learn' culture

Running more quality tests and learning fast will grab
people's attention. A culture of experimentation can
grow organically through engagement and interest.

>1M experiments run on the world's largest digital laboratory

Capture great ideas. From everyone.

A structured intake process helps capture ideas, manage backlog of new optimization opportunities, and prioritize those that can truly make an impact.

  • Customizable idea request forms and templates
  • Routing rules to automatically get Requests to specific people or teams
  • Turn a Request into a Hypothesis, where collaboration can begin
graphical user interface, text, application, email

Work together. In one place.

Once a Hypothesis is created, use the single workspace as a home for test briefs, variation designs, communication, and assigning workflow steps & approvals.

  • Customizable workflow templates - assign people and set due dates
  • @-mention and flexible notifications for tracking details
  • Threaded comments keep conversation history in a single place
graphical user interface, text, application, email

Proof and approve variation designs.

Collaborate on design variations, maintain version history, and track approvals all within the Hypothesis object but let designers stay in their design tool of choice.

  • Design proofing (bring in M365, Adobe, Figma, or InVision files)
  • Comments and annotations for images or live web pages
  • Side-by-side version comparison to visualize differences
graphical user interface, text, application, email

See and share the whole plan.

Orchestrate your entire program from a single view. Group in-flight experiments by sprints or Kanban, however your team chooses to work. Keep leadership in the loop with clean, informative layouts like a calendar or a list.

  • Track experiment statuses and sort by custom tags & labels
  • Share flexible board, timeline, list and calendar views
  • Invite unlimited guests, who can only see what's shared with them
  • Nurture community through easily sharing an organized plan

As I push to democratize experiment ideation, I have to ensure the process is rigorous and critical. Every ideator must complete Optimizely’s certification program so they can review and analyze their own experiments. Now, with a centralized system to manage the entire process, we're slashing our lift in half.

Director of Product Analytics

The most useful thing we did was give non-experts ways to run experiments and understand statistical thinking. The social features tied to experimentation — comments, “@” features, threading, linking to experiment results so anyone could see them, etc — were arguably the most valuable in the platform.

Director of Experimentation

Our experimentation process includes 49 people completing 8 phases over roughly 44 launch ONE test. After consolidating tech and workflows, and giving both technical and non-technical people independence via a single governance tool, we cut that cycle by 30 days and retained high-quality output.

Chief Revenue Officer

Try Experiment Collaboration Yourself

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Optimizely's new Experiment Collaboration featureset is replacing our previous offering, Program Management! A significant innovation over what was offered in Program Management, Experiment Collaboration is our response to a world that wants (and needs!) to launch high-quality digital experiments at a higher frequency and higher speed but is plagued by slow, complex processes to launch tests.