About Baymard

Baymard is providing detailed UI/UX research findings (based on 78,000+ hours of testing) to provide areas of exploration for Optimizely Experimentation.

With Baymard Premium you’ll get full access to 78,000+ hours of UX research findings, all distilled into 600+ design guidelines and 145,000+ UX performance scores — insights already used by most of the world’s leading retail brands. Baymard’s research access enables you and your team to: - Speed up and validate design decisions by bringing large-scale UX test insights into all of your decision-making. - Consistently develop high-performing e-commerce designs that perform well with end users. - See the gap between your performance and leading e-commerce sites, and learn what it will take to create an interface that outperforms them. - Avoid going down the wrong path early in the design and development process. - Get inspiration from leading and competing sites that have excellent UX performance, and learn why they perform well. - Augment your UX design decisions towards the rest of your organization with external unbiased research.

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    Farum, Denmark