Optimizely educational resources

We give you year-round access to continuous learning and certification pathways that are instructor-supported and tailored to your role, experience and learning goals.​ 

Customized training solutions

Our premium training subscriptions contain a set of core courses specific to your job role, access to a broader collection of courses and the support of a dedicated personal trainer. You will be able to attend virtual classroom sessions at no additional charge and receive invites to exclusive webinars.

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Optimizely Experimentation Training

Optimizely’s training in experimentation is an excellent starting point for those who want to acquire and develop skills in experimentation strategy and web platform implementation. Choose the track that best fits your role.

Web Experimentation Strategy (Live session)Implementation (Live session)
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Optimizely Subject Matter Expert Program (SME)

As an Optimizely subject matter expert (SME) you contribute with expertise on exam design activities and exam content activities. The program is currently being restructured and we are not accepting any new participants for the time being.  

Become a Subject Matter Expert!
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