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Upload Welcome assets into Highspot and make them available to your Sales teams.

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Making Welcome assets available to your sales team shouldn't be hard

Your Sales team doesn't want to wait for the latest whitepapers, images, presentations and other assets. The sooner they have them the sooner you can use Highspot's powerful search engine and other features to help deliver results to your organization.

Why marketers love Welcome and Highspot integration

By integrating Welcome with Highspot, Marketers can focus on delivering the message, staying on brand and distributing the completed assets to the Welcome Library. Once any asset is available in the Welcome Library, it becomes available to Highspot in a 'file picker', ready for upload and ready for sharing. No wait time, no hassle, no hoops to jump through.


  • Share Welcome Library assets (and all their versions) with Highspot

  • Upload assets to the Highspot experience using a file picker interaction (Upload Media, select Welcome)

  • Navigate Welcome folders in Highspot


  • Optimizely x Highspot Integration

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