How Absolut launches new websites in minutes


  • Now Absolut can launch websites in minutes instead of days
  • Absolut went from 25 webservers to 0 by switching to cloud

The challenge

The Absolut Company wanted to move to the cloud as it no longer wished to manage servers, and wanted to deploy code without needing to configure those servers. As well, the company knew that having the ability to deploy without involving a third-party would provide greater speed and agility.

The solution

Absolut saw an opportunity to take advantage of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform. Optimizely’s end-to-end platform for creating and managing content, commerce, and enterprise search functionality. Especially appealing was the speed and ease of access to servers, and the ability to get up and running quickly. While they evaluated other cloud solutions, given Microsoft technology was already in use with its existing Optimizely on-premise deployment, the transition to the Microsoft Azure cloud was an easy choice. 





The results

With Optimizely's DXP, they’ve gone from 25 servers to zero - eliminating the time-consuming work and cost of configuring and managing servers.

"Things change quickly in marketing, says Fredrik Lagerträd, Manager, Digital Development at the Absolut Company. With traditional infrastructure hosting and service level agreements, it can take up to five days for changes to the website to take effect. But something might happen today that we want to talk about. How do we get that content out now?"

With the ability to quickly launch new and inspiring campaigns, Optimizely has enabled the Absolut Company team to deepen connections with existing customers and expand their reach to new ones.

Prior to the cloud, The Absolut Company had to group sites together on single servers; now the speed to go live is faster because they are using one app service for each and every website. Overall performance is significantly improved because The Absolut Company is able to scale dynamically. What’s more, it’s anticipated that server costs will be significantly reduced.