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Better content, faster: A breakthrough way to create & publish content

An in-depth look at Optimizely’s transformational content authoring & publishing experience

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Du må oppgi kontaktinformasjonen din for å få tilgang til dette innholdet. Dette betyr at vi av og til inviterer deg til Optimizely-arrangementer og webinarer og sender deg bransjeinnsikt og produktnyheter.

Optimizely lagrer og behandler dine personlige data slik vi har beskrevet det i vår Personvernerklæring. Du kan trekke samtykket ditt når som helst.

Content management innovation is moving at the speed of the customer. Your CMS is no longer merely the site of content creation, publication and governance - it is the critical deciding factor for whether a buyer gives you their attention, business and loyalty, or chooses a competitor brand instead. 

Needless to say, staying on top of technological advances in CMS is imperative if you want to create digital experiences that rival your competitors and grow your revenue. 

In this online workshop, Tzi-Kei Wong, VP of Product (Optimizely), and Bob Orchard, Director of Product (Optimizely) are going to reveal the latest advances with Optimizely’s CMS and CMP (Welcome), and why they’re game-changers for marketers and content creators in fast-paced content environments. 

In just 30 minutes, you will learn: 

  • Why Optimizely (CMS) and Welcome (CMP) are better together
  • Key capabilities you need to create better content, faster
  • A new, marketer-friendly way to create and publish content (LIVE demonstration)