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Editors note: Google Optimize has now officially sunset! But there's still time to claim your Optimizely migration discount

There is no time to waste - less than 1 month left!

With Google Optimize sunsetting on September 30th, 2023, the need for a reliable replacement becomes crucial. Optimizely comes to the rescue. As the world's leading experimentation platform, Optimizely offers a comprehensive solution to keep your experimentation program running seamlessly. Notably, Optimizely is recommended by Google Cloud, solidifying its credibility and compatibility with your existing systems, including a new integration between Optimizely and Google Analytics 4. Offering even deeper insights into how their website visitors interact with their site, leading to even more impactful experimentation and optimization.

Do you know your next move?

With Google sunsetting Optimize in a few months, there’s no time to waste if you want to keep your experimentation program up and running. Any experiments and personalizations still active on that date will end. With 80%+ of ideas shown not to be winners, experimentation is crucial to derisk any business idea and ensure that you are investing in valuable initiatives' (link here for the 80% benchmarks from Google and Bing).

You haven’t evaluated new software in an number of years? Let us help. We’ve gathered these helpful vendor-agnostic steps for what to consider: 

  1. Start early - Most companies need 2-6 months to evaluate a new piece of software, and then an additional 2 months for implementation. Optimizely implementation teams can move as fast as your teams are able, but most companies need 1-2 months to complete a migration.
  2. Dream big - In the future you may wish to expand testing to your app. Or you may value better integrations with other parts of your tech stack. Now is the time to choose the right partner to unlock these dreams.
  3. Don’t underestimate internal approvals - Due to economic uncertainties, Finance and Procurement teams have added extra scrutiny to every purchase, whether it be for software, headcount, or other tools for growth. Even very flat organizations and rapid startups have found their decision making delayed.
  4. Consult experts - Read reports from analysts and CRO experts, not just the vendors themselves. Ask for reference customers to have a call about their experience.

Feeling like you are already behind? Need help to map out how to evaluate your requirements? Contact us to help you move faster.


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Want to hear from industry experts as they will discuss key considerations, next steps, and best practices for adapting to the changes before the September sunset? Join us on June 8 for an open conversation with Sam Huston, Chief Strategy Officer of DEPT®, and Jeff Cheal, VP of Product at Optimizely during our 'Three things you need to know before Google Optimize sunsets' livestream. This is also your chance to engage directly with our distinguished speakers and ask any questions you have. 

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