• 8 out of 10 digital satisfaction score
  • 4 Million+ Visitors
  • 60,000+ active users of MyCommScope self-service tools
  • Tens of millions in revenue attributed to commscope.com

CommScope's global impact on the network industry

CommScope is a U.S. company based in North Carolina with industry-leading expertise in designing and manufacturing network infrastructure. CommScope was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in October 2013.

Equipped with almost five decades of experience, CommScope is an expert in connecting people, enabling smart locations, and providing world-class solutions for network providers.

In April 2019, CommScope acquired ARRIS, growing the company to 30,000 workers, 15,000 patents, and $850 million in annual R&D spending.

With over 30 distribution centers spanning 20 countries and a growing portfolio, it was important for CommScope to provide its customers with up-to-date information coupled with an intuitive customer journey in a unified manner.

CommScope’s impact in connecting the world was recognized in 2020 when the company was named a Wi-Fi Alliance® Industry Impact Award recipient. The award honors exemplary member companies in the Wi-Fi industry.

CommScope's need for world-class technology to keep up with its growing portfolio of companies

With its complex offering spanning from network infrastructure to software support, CommScope has to ensure that customers find the information they need—when, where and how they need it.

In addition, CommScope’s go-to-market strategy meant more websites to maintain. CommScope needed a secure, always-on solution that customers can access anytime, anywhere.

Senior Director of Customer Experience Technologies, Bob Vonderheide, shared that CommScope’s growing portfolio saw various applications coming together. CommScope required a solution with excellent integration options to ensure a seamless experience for internal and external stakeholders.

With a diverse customer base, CommScope’s process for delivering relevant information to the right user groups had to be facilitated by personalization capabilities, something it lacked.

However, it was challenging for CommScope to achieve its goals due to outdated technology that could not execute CommScope’s vision, shared Director of Digital Communications, Keri Becker.

Connecting CommScope stakeholders with Optimizely

CommScope’s customer-centric digital strategy and technological overhaul was a huge undertaking. The team wanted partners for strategic initiatives that would help them expedite timelines and execution.
The team landed on Optimizely as its preferred digital solutions provider and The C2 Group as its initial implementation partner. C2 helped CommScope start with Optimizely via in-depth training and laying the foundation in line with the best practices of CX. Since the initial launch, CommScope has also worked with Adage Technologies and Rightpoint on other strategic initiatives. 
CommScope procured Optimizely’s world-class CMS and Content Recommendations. Optimizely CMS runs on Azure cloud computing platform, improving CommScope’s site scalability, speed, and security.
The CommScope team got to work immediately with Authoring & Layout’s intuitive content blocks and templates. They have also extended their usage of Optimizely to create Virtual Selectors to simplify complex online solution configuring processes and create new content blocks including a 3D block that depicts locations where CommScope’s solutions are deployed.
Optimizely Content Recommendations’ Retargeting and AI-powered Web Content Recommendations worked in tandem to facilitate CommScope’s personalization efforts in delivering tailored content to different user groups.
CommScope’s effort in non-stop enhancements for user experience meant continuous onboarding of internal stakeholders. Customer Experience IT Senior Manager, Joanne Ofiara, shared that developers are confident with Optimizely’s capabilities in integration, deployment, and build.
In addition, Optimizely’s customizable and intuitive interface eased workflows for content and web editors within CommScope, streamlining its content personalization efforts.

CommScope also procured Optimizely Web Experimentation to improve revenue growth.
The CommScope team leverages Optimizely’s high-speed experimentation capabilities to test hypotheses on UI/UX, types of CTA, product information display, and more to find what works best for CommScope’s diverse customer base.

Ofiara shared that the CommScope team is pleased with the way Optimizely handles its newly acquired solutions by ensuring consistent branding, making it easy for them to keep up with Optimizely’s growth.
Optimizely’s attentiveness to customer support and R&D has also impressed the CommScope team.

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CommScope's success with a customer-centric digital strategy 

By leveraging Optimizely, the CommScope team successfully overhauled its tech stack, empowering them to improve CommScope’s site user journey, achieving an overall digital satisfaction score of eight out of 10 (via Medallia).
In addition, CommScope’s secure MyCommScope portal, hosted on Azure has helped to grow its active user base to over 60,000 users.
The CommScope team also found plenty of value in Optimizely’s constant expansion of its portfolio as it provides the team with a roadmap for future digital enhancements. Optimizely’s integration capabilities have also empowered the CommScope team to unify its tech stack internally.
With Optimizely’s flexible and customizable solution, CommScope has attributed tens of millions in revenue to commscope.com
Optimizely’s user-centric solutions have also enhanced the CommScope team’s creativity in delivering customer-centric digital CX. This has contributed to CommScope’s 17 Million pageviews in 2022

CommScope's pursuit of connecting the world and beyond

On a strategic level, CommScope will focus on a segmented brand strategy to differentiate its growing portfolio of brands to fully educate customers on the full extent of CommScope’s capabilities in the network industry. The CommScope team will also be doubling down on their efforts in experimentation and content personalization by leveraging more of Optimizely’s AI-powered capabilities as they still see a lot of untapped value.

With the success of its Virtual Selector and innovative use of content blocks, the CommScope team is working on other ways to push the limits of the Optimizely platform to continually elevate the customer experience.






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