About Contentsquare

Optimizely and Contentsquare combine to offer an overview of how users navigate a site and then experiment with those insights to improve customer interactions and conversions.

Optimizely's partnership and integration bring together Contentsquare’s unique customer behavior insights with Optimizely’s progressive delivery and experimentation capabilities. Combined, the two platforms empower digital teams to innovate confidently and drive maximum value from their Customer Experience actions. This bi-directional integration ensures brands can test iteratively and bolster their experimentation strategy with a robust, always-on optimization mindset driven by true customer understanding.


“Using both platforms together allows you to deep dive into what visitors are doing on the control versus the variant and give you answers at speed as to why things lose. It helps you iterate on that variant whatever the outcome and crucially helps you avoid an experimentation brick wall with you throwing 50 ideas at a wall to see what sticks.”

Andrew Warne, Product Analytics Manager at MoneySavingExpert

Founded in Paris in 2012, Contentsquare helps more than 750 enterprises in 26 countries to track and visualize billions of digital behaviors and deliver better digital experiences for their customers.