Preparation & Exam Guides

Review exam guides for each of the Optimizely certification exams to learn what to expect.


Optimizely Certifications allow learners and users of Optimizely’s products to build credibility in their profession by validating their knowledge and skills 

Candidates must earn a passing score via a proctored exam to earn an Optimizely Certification. Once a candidate has passed their exam and their scores are verified they will receive their certification credentials. 

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Preliminary results are available immediately upon completing your exam. This information will include whether or not you passed or failed as well as feedback on your performance within the major content areas. Your verified pass/fail status will be sent to you within 10 business days.


Optimizely has partnered with Credly to provide digital credentials as a benefit of earning an Optimizely Certification. Digital credentials are provided via Credly’s Acclaim platform that offers users a flexible and efficient way to store, manage and share their achievements. More information on Optimizely’s digital credential program can be found here 

Optimizely Certifications are valid 2 years from the date the candidate passed their exam. Individuals are required to recertify every two years.  

If you pass your certification exam, you cannot retake the exam until your certification expires. If you fail an exam you must wait 7 days before you can retake the exam. If you fail a second time, you must wait 21 days to retake the exam. You may take the exam up to three times in a calendar year.  

When you purchase an exam you recieve a voucher that allows you to schedule your exam from the choice of available administration dates.