Meet Opal

Your smart AI assistant across Optimizely One

Optimizely One is the world's only DXP with AI fully-embedded across its entire suite. From planning to analysis, Opal is ever-present, helping to inform and accelerate every phase of the marketing lifecycle.

Top use cases for AI in marketing

Optimizely has been a leader and early adopter of AI and machine learning, embedding intelligence across the entire product portfolio. Today, Optimizely offers AI to unlock enterprise-ready applications and use cases that deliver immediate customer value.

Inform content ideation

Content intelligence

AI-driven predictive insights give you real-time, prescriptive suggestions on the types of content that will convert and drive revenue... helping you optimize your content strategy.

Accelerate creative production

AI content generator

Built on GPT 3.5 (and soon 4.0), generative AI is natively embedded in existing workflows to help marketers create new content, ranging from text (e.g. headlines, outlines, white papers, etc.) to images (powered by Stable Diffusion or DALL-E) and beyond. Customers can also integrate with their own AI model/provider of choice.

AI tagging

Machine-learning algorithms automatically apply tags to uploaded images, making it easy to filter, discover, and reuse assets within the DAM.

Deliver personalized experiences

Content recommendations

Natural language processing and machine learning helps profile the real-time interests of each visitor on your site, and serve up more relevant content, automatically.

Scale experimentation velocity

Stats Accelerator

Machine Learning is applied to automatically identify significant variations by optimizing the distribution of traffic to your site, and helping you get to meaningful results (positive or negative) up to 3x faster.

Multi-Armed Bandits

Intelligent algorithm that identifies top-performing variations, automatically funnels more visitors to the best-performing variation on an hourly basis, and helps you capitalize to drive more conversions.

Maximize customer value

Product recommendations

AI-driven recommendations target specific shopping cohorts on your site (e.g. abandoned cart users) with personalized offers to maximize engagement, increase average order value, and drive conversions.

AI built on safety and trust

At Optimizely, we're committed to building innovative technology that improves the lives of our customers. But applying cutting-edge tools like generative AI to our product portfolio requires a culture of trust and a collective accountability. To drive our innovation forward in a safe and reliable manner, our team has implemented a variety of processes, policies and governance teams that, together, serve to properly assess impact, uphold our development standards, and minimize risk. If you'd like to learn more about our safety and trust initiatives, reach out.

What's next?

AI is deeply engrained in the Optimizely product roadmap, and we'll continue innovating to help our customers work smarter (not harder) and drive higher productivity, better decision-making, and more intelligent customer experiences.

Create great content experiences

powered by AI-driven orchestration and decisioning

Campaign kits Auto-generate who to target, when to launch, what copy to use, and which channel to activate based on your unique input criteria.

Smart journeys Combine personalization and experimentation logic with generative AI to create multi-channel, 1:1 journeys (in real-time).

Text & image recs Incorporate recommendations for color, mood, resolution, background, and other styles — all based on your unique brand guidelines.

Reduce time-to-value

increase experimentation quality, and reduce cost-per-experiment

Coding co-pilot Enable your team to develop (and run) complex experiments using code-generation capabilities — with zero reliance on technical developers.

Strategy bot Give your teams automated, in-app guidance on which parts of your site to test, how to design experiments, what metrics to measure, and more.

Generative insights Surface meaningful insights from experiment results highlighting anomalies, outliers, segment-based recommendations.

Personalized buying 

Delivering intelligent experiences and maximize order value.

Automatic translations Use AI language models to automatically translate content for your various sites and deliver hyper-localized experiences.

Advanced promotions Leverage predictive analytics and AI-based segmentation, in combination with existing Optimizely capabilities, to run more effective promotions.

Commerce co-pilot Deploy a real-time shopping assistant (i.e. chat model) to engage customer shops as they shop, offer recommendations, and facilitate a 1:1 experience.

Partnering to push AI innovation forward

Optimizely's strategic relationships with Google and Microsoft provide unparalleled access to resources from both R&D powerhouses, translating to co-ideation, engineering support, as well as early access to cutting-edge capabilities. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of AI for digital experience, in a safe and responsible manner.