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The pre-owned luxury retailer’s end goal of creating a zero-waste circular future needed an international customer marketplace that complemented their premium personalized service typified by their physical Copenhagen showroom.

The Vintage Bar required a first-class marketplace that encouraged customer commerce, organic content and engagement and showcased a personalized customer experience. The luxury clothing and textile industry is one of the world’s largest polluters. The Vintage Bar, with its focus on providing ethically sourced and sustainable luxury goods to the masses, looked to change that.

The Vintage Bar

To create a personalized customer experience, knowledge of the customer is paramount. Therefore, the means of collecting data and utilizing it to make informed decisions is a process of the utmost importance. The Vintage Bar, using Optimizely’s Web Experimentation to test hypotheses and run experiments, have seen significant inventory growth in six months. Just as important, they now have a defined culture of experimentation that runs through the entire organization, allowing them to utilize the data they have to test their way to success!

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