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How real estate company SISAB modernized for web

Real estate company SISAB needed to modernize its website, and improve search function, mobile adaptation and accessibility. The solution lay in a massive overhaul based on Optimizely.

SISAB (Skolfastigheter i Stockholm AB) felt an urgent need to update and modernize its website. The website was not mobile-friendly and the design needed modernization. The work began with internal interviews at SISAB and surveys among the company’s stakeholders and tenants. These preparations provided a broader basis and a better understanding of what users wanted and needed from the SISAB website.

The project had a tight timetable. The development work began in October 2020 and everything was ready for launch—on time—in February 2021.

The solution

Consid—a Gold Partner to Optimizely and a Framework Agreement Supplier to SISAB—was tasked with developing the new website. Feedback from the interviews and surveys was used to create specific experience sketches for navigation, interface, and how the user interface would attract and support the needs of the target groups.


One of the basic measures in the project was renewing the website’s technical base. Optimizely and the frontend framework were upgraded to meet new functionality needs. The upgrade was also done to support the newly developed design and satisfy the requirements to make the website responsive and mobile-friendly.

The search functionality of the existing website necessitated the inclusion of a completely new search function in the project. The entire website was built with a focus on flexibility and simplicity to make things easier for the SISAB editors.

The result

The new SISAB website is welcoming, modern, and user-friendly. This time around, it is adapted for both computers and cell phones which better meets the needs of the target groups. Relevant content is also made available in a simple and attractive package—easing discovery and understanding.

The new search engine makes it easier for both employees and visitors to find the right information. The possibility of adjusting, configuring and weighting the search engine has made a major contribution to the overall improvement. Not only has SISAB received an easy-to-edit and intuitive web platform but the website is now also better adapted to Swedish accessibility laws.


One success factor was that development had effective and transparent collaboration with the support of agile methodology. The website has now switched to administration and an agile way of working with continual improvements.


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Zur Homepage

A very successful upgrade of our website!

Sanna Brolin
System Administrator, Sisab


SISAB (Skolfastigheter i Stockholm AB) manages and develops schools and preschools in Stockholm, Sweden. With sustainability and smart solutions in safe and inspiring educational environments, it is shaping the Stockholm of the future. SISAB is responsible for real estate where 200,000 children, young people and adults spend time on a daily basis.

Company size: 260

Industry: Public sector / Real estate

Region: Nordic

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