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About Consid AB

Consid is one of Optimizely's fastest growing and most successful digital full-service partners. We help organizations, companies and brands accelerate digital vision to reality, creating digital customer experiences of the future. Our commitment and entrepreneurial culture delivers true value over and over again. Together with Optimizely we create innovative digital services and platform solutions that will strengthen your digital presence and drive your digital business. Consid's strong position is based on +20 years of experience in connecting strategy, business benefit and user experience with innovative technologies. Consid has worked with Optimizely for almost 20 years and we were among the first to build e-commerce on the Optimizely Commerce Cloud. Today we are +1800 specialists, holding all Optimizely Specializations and work closely with the Optimizely team around new opportunities such as headless, cloud and micro-services. Do not hesitate to contact Consid to discuss your next digital idea or business opportunity.

Industry expertise

  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Commercial Services
  • Public Sector


  • Content Management System

    Best-in-class CMS

  • Customized Commerce

    Robust digital commerce