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In a recent wave of popularity, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-based technology are infiltrating marketing ecosystems and becoming must-haves. According to the Content Marketing Institute, AI is a top content marketing trend for 2023, with marketing experts predicting it will "transform creativity and content."

Let's take a deeper dive into how it's changing the game for marketers, and how we're innovating with AI in our Content Marketing Platform.

AI: Changing the way marketers work

Automation and improved marketing

All marketers know the value of automation, and when coupled with AI, teams can benefit from deeper data insights and improved efficiencies. For example, AI deals with intelligent algorithms that can learn and analyze data, such as customer behavior. This can allow marketers to create a more personalized digital experience based on a prospective customer's actions, automatically serving them the right content at the right time. Data shows that personalization can boost revenue 10-15%, having a big impact on bottom line.

Marketers can also use AI to automate SEO optimization, taking competitive analysis into account, ensuring that content has the right keywords, and that it's structured for the best chance of ranking -- with the click of a button.

Sparking ideation and creativity

The development of AI is happening at a rapid rate, but experts have noted that it still has a long way to go (and possibly will never fully meet human potential). For content marketers, it can be an excellent tool when used as a supplement to spark ideation and creativity (it may or may not have been used to create this paragraph). Predictive text can help get words on the screen when writer's block strikes, and AI-enabled content recommendations can provide ideas for new and relevant content.

Marketers can also benefit from AI-generated images, videos, and music, making the multimedia creation process easier than ever.

AI content generation in Optimizely's CMP

Have you ever searched endlessly for the perfect image to accompany an article, just to find that you'll need to request a custom image from your design team? Or have you been tasked with writing a piece of content, but need a spark to get your creative juices flowing? With the new AI Content Generator available in Optimizely CMP, users can generate intelligent text or their ideal image, in just a few clicks. Users can ensure their content is exceptional with the help of the Optimizer feature available within the Editor, which scans text for readability and offers recommendations for SEO. 

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How it works:
  • Navigate to the Content tab in a new or existing Task
  • Click +Add Content
  • Hover over "Generate" and choose "Image" or "Text"
  • Complete the popup prompt
  • Click "Generate"
  • Choose the image or the text that best suits your needs
  • To optimize generated text, click the Optimizer tab on the right-hand panel and add target keywords in the Keyword Analysis section

Try it out in your CMP instance or create a free account!

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