Simplify and streamline marketing work requests

Create dedicated forms for soliciting marketing work like upcoming campaigns or content assets that any stakeholder can access.

Automate task routing for greater efficiency

Send new work requests and projects to the appropriate assignee within your team’s dedicated, centralized module with automatic, intelligent routing.

Prioritize, assign and easily manage tasks and teams

Understand which people are working on what projects and when, so you can effectively manage distributed teams.

Discover a fast and easy way to fulfill work requests and intake forms

Centralized requests provide a single source of truth, making management easier from A to Z and ensuring proper resource allocation for future marketing activities.

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Ensure all requests are fielded by the appropriate marketing resources

Based on a powerful, pre-defined rules engine, each work request is automatically routed and assigned to a specific team or individual based on its attributes.

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Enjoy an easy-to-use interface with complete visibility across all marketing operations

For full transparency into task progress, drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy to see what’s overdue, in-progress, or coming up soon so teams can quickly respond to shifting priorities.

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Monitor team capacity, hit every deadline and report on team SLAs

Performance analysis, bottleneck identification and workflow improvements are just a few benefits of setting up and measuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for incoming work requests with Welcome.

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Loved by marketers just like you

"Welcome is a great tool for marketers to run campaigns effectively and efficiently. It gives control to the marketer and helps in immediate campaign execution by reducing the time spend on operational work."

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