The driving force behind many industry innovations

Founded in 1973, Nidec Motor Corporation is a division of Kyoto, Japan-based Nidec, the largest consolidated motor company in the world with products ranging from small precision motors to supersized motors.  The Nidec Motor division handles appliance, commercial and industrial motors and drives.

As a specialty manufacturer, Nidec sells through distribution networks, distributors and directly to OEMs. Nidec relies heavily on their channel partners to reach new customers and new markets. To make it as easy as possible for Nidec’s channel partners to get their jobs done, they needed to invest in a solution that could help them deliver a more sophisticated channel partner portal.

I highly recommend Optimizely [B2B Cloud by Insite]. It’s easy to use, built for business and they aren’t trying to repurpose a consumer platform into a B2B world.

Scott Garrett
Director, Global Digital Customer Engagement, Nidec Motors

Out with the old, in with the new

Nidec had outgrown their existing custom channel partner portal and realized it was going to be expensive and time-consuming to try to update the system. Nidec determined that in order to give their partners a better way to manage their businesses, they needed to invest in a new solution entirely. A more sophisticated, modern online channel partner portal would enable channel partners to track orders, see invoices, view product availability and place orders.

To best deliver this experience, Nidec looked for a robust eCommerce solution with:

  • Complex pricing capabilities
  • Responsive web design
  • Customizable, extendable and flexible to meet their needs
  • Account login and self-service capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box B2B functionality
  • Modern interface
  • Multi-location capabilities

Nidec leverages Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud in a headless manner to power MotorBoss, Nidec’s online channel partner site that allows their users to login and research products, place orders, check inventory, review order history and conduct many other tasks they need to do their business.

In addition, Nidec leverages B2B Commerce Cloud to power their public-facing eCatalog website that provides product specifications and list prices.

The eCatalog gives Nidec a competitive advantage

More than 100,000 items are cross-referenced on Nidec’s eCatalog, so it is becoming one of the most used tools in the motor industry. Nidec takes advantage of the native search, boost, bury and SEO features within B2B Commerce Cloud to improve the eCatalog and increase visibility to their products. The eCatalog is the second highest traffic generator to Nidec’s marketing website.

The channel partner portal is providing numerous benefits

Nidec’s channel partners are very happy with the new version of MotorBoss, as demonstrated by a 25% overall rise in order volumes from the previous year on the old site. In fact, overall online sales are growing faster than any other partner ordering channels. Nidec is anticipating an increasingly significant part of their business to move to online commerce.

Nidec is successfully running a multi-million dollar eCommerce business with only a two person eCommerce team.

What’s next?

Looking to the future, Nidec hopes to get more brands into the Motorboss platform. They want to expand the tool globally. They are determined to become more proactive and be a true knowledge base resource for their customers.

The motor industry is seeing a lot of change. Technology is advancing, generations of people are retiring and competition is only getting more intense. Nidec plans to stay ahead of the curve by continuously innovating processes and tools, while partnering with Optimizely.


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