• 2000 pieces of content filtered intelligently by Content Recommendations
  • 167% increase in engagement

Adapting to a constant state of change

Supporting the manufacturing industry to harbour future talent and address today's issues in an innovative way, SME exists to showcase North American manufacturing. The non-profit organization updates manufacturing professionals with news, information and networking events.

Organizations that revolve around manufacturering are all too familiar with on-prem architecture for their digital operations. SME however have taken a different track. They operate as part of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform running their digital platform on the Content Cloud.

With thousands of pieces of content, SME wanted create an even more customer-centric digital site. The web team sought about a solution that delivered first-hand relevancy to site visitors.

Personalized Content Delivery

SME opted for Optimizely Content Recommendations to continue their journey of customer-centricity.

Content Recommendations put the right content in front of the right people.
The example below demonstrates how SME leverage Optimizely Content Recommendations on their site.


The smart technology uses artificial intelligence to deliver the right content at the right time for every single visitor. The solution selects content based on the visitor’s profile, interests and real-time behavior, and on the popularity of all content.

Seeing is believing

Around two thousands pieces of content, consisting of highly technical pieces, thought-leadsership and blogs, are filtered through, sorted and intelligently presented to SME visitors. The AI Widget on the Latest News page has experienced a great amount of success, proving useful addition for visitors.

Time savings are huge for the web team. No one has to manually touch those modules anymore, they’re “fire and forget”.

The solution went live in just 22 days.



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