Make informed decisions that improve marketing processes

Actionable, content-centric insights give you and your team the ability to plan better and produce higher-quality campaigns and content.

Deliver data-driven content for every step of the buyer’s journey

Publish and push the right content at the right time with granular data that makes it easy to identify which pieces drive desired behaviors and when.

Demonstrate content’s impact on your bottom line

Show your program’s impact on the end-to-end marketing and sales funnel, and clearly measure the value marketing has on growing pipeline and revenue.

Boost team efficiency — be transparent

Full visibility into your content operation and end-to-end insights across the customer journey helps teams align on goals and important business metrics all along the way.

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Create smarter content that converts

Content-centric performance data allows teams to identify which pieces of content drive the most traffic across topics, formats, and channels so you identify what’s working, and refine what isn’t.

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See what's driving the most engagement with your audience

Assess the value of your content using proprietary behavioral metrics like attention time and engagement rate that calculate how your audiences truly consume an asset.

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Prove the ROI of any campaign or piece of content

Connect campaigns and content to revenue and prove value with a scalable, cost-efficient strategy based on a per-asset breakout of how marketing influenced each deal.

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Loved by marketers just like you

Welcome is a great tool for marketers to run campaigns effectively and efficiently. It gives control to the marketer and helps in immediate campaign execution by reducing the time spend on operational work."

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