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The world of digital is evolving faster than we can keep up. But having Optimizely’s experimentation platform on your side can help your team set the standard. That’s because we excel at fast-tracking the entire process of high-performance customer experience creation based on powerful feedback. 

Over 2 million experiments  

Great digital experiments lead to great digital experiences. We can speak on this with confidence, after delivering almost 2 million experiments to more than 9,000 brands who have trusted us to manage, measure and scale their web experimentation across many digital touchpoints. Our unrivalled level of understanding means we know exactly what product managers and developers require to run great experiments and deliver even better products. 

Test don’t guess 

Whether you want to test hypotheses, optimize features, rollout new code on websites, mobile devices, apps, chatbots, ads—all at the same time—Optimizely puts real-time, real-world customer data at the heart of your product development and delivery process. This allows you to validate data quickly, deliver content confidently, and gain conclusive insights into every rollout and release. 

Unrivaled flexibility 

Zero-latency feature flagging and in-code experimentation allow you to evaluate everything from delivering front-end redesigns to optimizing search and recommendation algorithms, from launching entirely new sites or applications to experimenting with personalized offers and pricing. In other words, you can test, optimize, and make data-backed decisions on every aspect of your digital experiences. 

Leave lagging behind 

You want to know the best part? You don't have to sacrifice speed. Most platforms process experiments in the browser, which slows down page loading times. Yet all the data shows that even the smallest delay can significantly increase bounce rates and reduce time spent on page.  

Our Performance Edge platform, however, shifts processing from the browser to the edge. This guarantees your pages load faster while you run your experiments. You can even test backend performance. So, say goodbye to latencies and downtime by improving the performance of your APIs, microservices, clusters and architecture designs.  

Optimizely – the proven web experimentation platform 

Market leaders in ecommerce, media, financial services, and technology trust Optimizely to test and optimize their way to digital success by managing, measuring and scaling their web experimentation.  

Real-world examples 

Take BBC iPlayer, for example. By experimenting 20 times more with Optimizely, the platform has seen a 50% increase in engagement from autoplay. Or Blue Apron, who used Full Stack Experimentation to reduce customer-related dissatisfaction and churn by 37% after testing the hypothesis that some customers were likely to miss the deadline to customize their next order. And StubHub has embedded experimentation into everything they do by enhancing algorithmic experiences across every step of the booking process. 

Here's how Optimizely can help 

These are just three examples of how Optimizely has helped to support product development teams in building better products that drive conversions. And we can do the same for you, supporting you as you develop a culture of experimentation that consistently makes your products better in a virtuous circle of improvement. Check out the demo here to learn how you can start testing instead of guessing.