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  • 5,000 SKUs available online
  • $200M global revenues
  • 130 countries served

Drumming up a new sales channel

D'Addario are the world's leading manufacturer of music accessories, renowned for producing pioneering products and are often recognized as leaders in their field. The family owned business strung up a new vision to complement an increasingly digital world. Their first step was focused on a key revenue driver—their online marketplace.

By modernizing their digital estate, focusing on utility and customer convenience as the 'bass', D'Addario had an appetite to create a leading ecommerce suite for their passionate customer following.

Orchestrating a progressive technology enablement plan, the growing business needed a platform that was scalable and dependable against their needs.

Working with D'Addario's inhouse Marketing and Product teams, implementation partner, Valtech and Optimizely established a sustainable and flexible technological ecosystem, supporting the customer-centric focus expressed through D'Addario's new visual experience.

The long lasting outro

The relentless focus on business and technology created an ecosystem accommodating more than 5,000 SKUs, near-real-time inventory status and personalized pricing—capable of personalizing the product and content experience to the customers taste.

Customer loyalty offers an impactful way to increase repeat purchase rate without discounting or devaluing your brand. D'Addario do that with their integration with Annex Cloud in the Optimizely Marketplace. Learn more.



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