Optimizely DXP Drives $9.84 Million NPV and $2.2 Million in Savings, According to Total Economic Impact Study from Independent Research Firm

Customers can realize a 370% ROI after deploying the DXP, with a payback period of 8 months

NEW YORK, December 5, 2022 – Today, Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider enabling Boundless Digital Invention, revealed the results of a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Optimizely. The study found that over three years, a composite organization realized 370% return on investment (ROI), $9.84 million net present value (NPV) and $1.1 million in savings due to increased developer productivity as a result of deploying the company’s DXP. Adopters of the DXP could also see $2.2 million in savings of subscription fees through retired tools. To help arrive at an average ROI and subsequent financial analysis, Forrester Consulting interviewed five decision-makers who are Optimizely DXP customers.

Prior to implementing the DXP, interviewees noted that their organizations lacked significant experimentation capabilities, struggled with legacy content management solutions (CMS), and devoted significant manual effort to maintaining integrations vital to their website. This resulted in less-than-optimal web visitor experiences and lost potential revenue. However, when organizations adopted Optimizely DXP, they achieved faster, more frequent experiments, easier management of integrations and content, and improved revenue through more conversions.

“A cohesive digital experience is essential for businesses to survive and requires organizations to innovate without boundaries,” said Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer at Optimizely. “We believe the Forrester TEI study emphasizes the direct, provable ROI and impact that a cohesive DXP, such as Optimizely’s, has on an organization, along with incalculable benefits like enabling a higher number of experiments and a more robust, reliable digital experience.”

Among key results identified in the study:

  • Forrester Consulting found customers improved site stability, personalization and organization of content, and experimentation, which resulted in doubled conversion rates and improved average order size.
  • Optimizely delivered $617,600 in savings through pre-built support for integrations and ability to pick up pre-existing integrations, providing significant time savings equal to three developers.
  • Customers saw 75% time savings for developers and marketing personnel on deploying, updating, and organizing content.
  • Customers also experienced two hours of time savings per experiment, reducing time and effort needed from developers, and increasing total number of experiments from 300 to 500 over three years.

According to the CIO of a $200M North American fashion organization included in the interview process, “Since using Optimizely, our conversion is higher…we about doubled in conversions and we attribute that directly to the new platform.” The same respondent said, “Everything is working better with Optimizely. It’s like going from a Hyundai Pony 1982 to a Mercedes Benz.”

Forrester Consulting’s study determined other benefits of Optimizely’s DXP offering, including improved adaptability during crises, like diverting traffic to digital storefronts during the COVID-19 pandemic, and flexibility to realize additional business opportunities. Specifically, the study states, “Optimizely improving an organization’s digital experience can enable them to obtain more revenue from digital channels. This provides more options for organizations hoping to shift more and more of their business online as opposed to physical brick-and-mortar locations.”

To learn more, download a complimentary copy of Optimizely’s TEI study.

Über Optimizely

Optimizely hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Marken dabei zu helfen, ihr digitales Potenzial zu entfalten. Mit der führenden Digital-Experience-Plattform (DXP) profitieren führende Digitalunternehmen von den notwendigen Tools und Insights, um datengestützt einzigartige Kundenerlebnisse zu schaffen. Die Entwicklung anspruchsvoller Lösungen war dabei noch nie so einfach.

Die über 900 Partner und 1100 Mitarbeiter von Optimizely unterstützen in Niederlassungen weltweit mehr als 9.000 Marken dabei, ihren Customer Lifetime Value zu steigern, Umsätze zu erhöhen und ihre Marken auszubauen – darunter Toyota, Santander, eBay, KLM oder Mazda.


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