Optimizely Introduces Boundless Digital Invention: A New Era of Marketing and DX without Limits

Boundless Digital Invention will reinvent how marketers and digital teams work by enabling science-led decisions that drive outcomes

Opticon – San Diego – October 4, 2022 – Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, today announced Boundless Digital Invention. The martech landscape is increasingly challenging as marketers work across disparate tools and systems, and collaborate with product and engineering teams all while budgets are shrinking and customer expectations are changing faster than ever. To solve this challenge and empower marketers to innovate without boundaries, Optimizely is introducing a new way to deliver on the promise of digital marketing technology by reducing complexities and delivering better brand experiences. Boundless Digital Invention is backed by powerful data insights to improve inclusive collaboration, drive confident content creation, and increase customer foresight while driving new revenue streams and delivering more powerful customer experiences. 

Experimentation, creativity, and sophisticated content creation have always been at the core of Optimizely’s DXP. In this next evolution of marketing, the company will take these elements to the next level, unlocking ways to drive personalized, frictionless customer experiences. Boundless Digital Invention will also help marketers better understand their customers to deliver true personalization, at scale and with speed.

Aimed at closing the gap between increasing customer expectations and what marketers can deliver, Boundless Digital Invention will bring scientific rigor back to marketing, enabling a new level of precision and confidence across marketing activities and execution. Specifically, Boundless Digital Invention will empower marketers, digital leaders, and technical users to:

  • Orchestrate: With a single, comprehensive platform to manage the full content lifecycle, marketing teams can transform the way they plan, create, and publish content – accelerating time to market.
  • Monetize: Digital leaders can deliver the modern, relevant commerce experiences their customers crave, while maximizing revenue growth, using Optimizely’s leading commerce products that cater to both B2B and B2C organizations.
  • Experiment: Harnessing Optimizely’s powerful Web Testing, Feature Flags, and Personalization products, marketers can test and gather insights that optimize experiences, reduce risk, and drive business results to maximize ROI of marketing spend.

“The digital transformation era brought with it the promise of limitless innovation. But as more technologies were adopted and data became overwhelmingly unstructured and siloed, it created the opposite effect – forcing marketers to lower their expectations as they were pressured to deliver outcomes within restricted workflows,” said Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely. “The future of marketing hinges on removing these limits. With Boundless Digital Invention we are unlocking inclusive collaboration, confident content creation, and customer foresight, transforming the marketer’s experience, which we believe is the most critical component to delivering better customer experiences. Grounded in our core capabilities, we’re thrilled to bring this opportunity to the market in a way that no one else has.”

Bold, innovative marketers who have been constrained by digital marketing’s unfulfilled potential will be rewarded with limitless opportunities afforded by this new era of DXPs. With Boundless Digital Invention, marketers are no longer held back by the lack of customer data, endless spreadsheets, or disjointed digital assets and systems. Built on Optimizely’s leading experimentation, commerce, and content management capabilities, Boundless Digital Invention gives marketers the tools they need to drive a new era of fearless creativity, fueling more inventive and impactful experiences. 

Über Optimizely

Optimizely hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Marken dabei zu helfen, ihr digitales Potenzial zu entfalten. Mit der führenden Digital-Experience-Plattform (DXP) profitieren führende Digitalunternehmen von den notwendigen Tools und Insights, um datengestützt einzigartige Kundenerlebnisse zu schaffen. Die Entwicklung anspruchsvoller Lösungen war dabei noch nie so einfach.

Die über 900 Partner und 1100 Mitarbeiter von Optimizely unterstützen in Niederlassungen weltweit mehr als 9.000 Marken dabei, ihren Customer Lifetime Value zu steigern, Umsätze zu erhöhen und ihre Marken auszubauen – darunter Toyota, Santander, eBay, KLM oder Mazda.


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