About Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), a leader in digital commerce, enables the world's premier retailers to move faster and grow faster in the changing face of retail. SFCC's enterprise cloud platform minimizes the costs and complexities of running global, omni-channel commerce operations, and empowers retailers to respond with speed and agility to new market opportunities and continually evolving consumer expectations.


The Optimizely LINK Cartridge enables SFCC customers to test, personalize, and optimize their eCommerce experiences right out of the box. Optimizely's market-leading optimization technology equips SFCC customers with the ability to target promotions and calls-to-action to their visitors based on past shopping and purchase behavior, demographics, and technographics.

Key Benefits
  • Optimizely's Visual Editor enables eCommerce teams to test visual changes and promotions on-the-fly, without having to write code or modify their SFCC instance.
  • Optimizely also provides a robust set of APIs and developer tools to allow advanced eCommerce teams to integrate optimization functionality deep into their existing tools and workflows.
  • SFCC customers can also take advantage of Optimizely's Stats Engine, a first-of-its-kind technology that ensures always-valid statistical confidence levels. This means you can react more quickly to test results, without having to worry about running additional analysis like you do in other testing programs.