Optimizely Announces Winners of 2022 UK & Ireland Customer Excellence Awards

Award winners honored at the Opticon London event for their innovation and excellence in digital experiences, creativity, and experimentation.

Opticon – London - 4 November, 2022 – Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider enabling Boundless Digital Invention, today announced the winners of its 2022 UK & Ireland Optimizer Awards program, celebrating outstanding achievements in creativity and digital innovation.

“This year’s Optimizer Award winners are comprised of best-in-class teams that are driving the future of marketing through creative, personalized digital experiences,” said Chad Wolf, EVP, Chief Customer Officer at Optimizely. “We’re proud to work with our partners and customers to build powerful digital stories that go beyond the boundaries of innovation and shape tomorrow's top digital experiences.”

The Opticon London 2022 Optimizer Award winners include:

EPG Health for Most Innovative Digital Experience

This award is presented to the Optimizely customer that has solved a complex business challenge or met a market demand in a new and exciting way. Leveraging innovative strategies, EPG Health has created customer-centric, behaviour-driven experiences, anticipated customer needs, and has created an overall exceptional website experience.

Channel 4​ for Best Experimentation Practice

In partnership with Good Growth

This award is presented to the Optimizely customer who ran stellar experimentation programs using strong, data-driven approaches that solve real customer problems and drive impactful business decisions. Channel 4 was judged on three areas of its experimentation process: ideation, execution, and analysis. Its experimentation practice relies on rigorous processes that enabled Channel 4 to account for the customer's experience whilst keeping business needs in mind.

Mazda Motor Europe for Most Customer-Centric Experience

In partnership with Candyspace

This award is presented to the customer who offered customer-centric experiences with Content Cloud, building quality experiences for end users, performing seamless integrations, and increasing website speed. Mazda Motor Europe has Content Cloud fully deployed and understands the long-term benefits of running the platform, providing editor efficiency and behaviour-driven, full-service user experiences, with impressive speed and intuitive navigation.

Farrow & Ball for Best Buying Experience

In partnership with Kin + Carta

This award is presented to the Optimizely customer who has created an exceptional commerce experience—one that best combines engaging buying and self-service solutions with rich content that is relevant to the personas they serve. Farrow & Ball crafted elegant and helpful experiences that encourage users to engage seamlessly with the brand. Farrow & Ball was judged on the strategy, development, execution and results of their solution.

The finalists for each category were selected by a dedicated group of product expert panellists who reviewed all submissions and selected three finalists. A dedicated jury then evaluated all finalists to select the official winners.

To discover more about the Opticon London 2022 Optimizer Awards programme and winners, click here

Über Optimizely

Optimizely hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Marken dabei zu helfen, ihr digitales Potenzial zu entfalten. Mit der führenden Digital-Experience-Plattform (DXP) profitieren führende Digitalunternehmen von den notwendigen Tools und Insights, um datengestützt einzigartige Kundenerlebnisse zu schaffen. Die Entwicklung anspruchsvoller Lösungen war dabei noch nie so einfach.

Die über 900 Partner und 1100 Mitarbeiter von Optimizely unterstützen in Niederlassungen weltweit mehr als 9.000 Marken dabei, ihren Customer Lifetime Value zu steigern, Umsätze zu erhöhen und ihre Marken auszubauen – darunter Toyota, Santander, eBay, KLM oder Mazda.


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