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Welcome’s marketing platform is purpose-built software for marketers to maximize campaign visibility, increase control, and accelerate execution.

A message from Optimizely CEO Alex Atzberger

A message from Welcome founder Shafqat Islam

What this means as an Optimizely customer


We are excited to announce Optimizely has signed a definitive agreement to acquire New York-based marketing orchestration platform Welcome. The process will take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to close, during which Welcome will remain a standalone entity.  

The acquisition accelerates our growth goals. The Welcome platform enhances the capabilities of marketers to accelerate their content lifecycle from ideation to execution, which when combined with our best-in-class delivery and optimization platform gives our customers complete control from concept creation to campaign launch. This continues our steady march as the world’s fastest growing and most exciting Digital Experience Platform – one resource to unlock digital potential for our customers around the world. 

With Welcome, our digital experience platform becomes even more advanced, with a solution specifically designed to enhance your ability to create, optimize, and deliver the most relevant marketing content to your audience. Our goal is to continue to offer you the world’s premier digital experience platform, and the advanced capabilities of Welcome will mean you have even greater ability to serve your intended audience and adapt in a fast-moving and growing digital ecosystem. 

Our DXP continues to grow, offering an even more robust set of offerings to digital teams across the world. We are proud to provide you with an unprecedented ability to create, deliver, and experiment with digital experiences through every phase of the customer journey. Welcome allows you to move even faster and in a more flexible, seamless, and productive way. 

This further enhances our DXP offering. We can now give marketing teams the ability to create and collaborate on content and execute campaigns through an advanced Content Marketing Platform (CMP). Our customers will be thrilled to have the option of enhancing their marketing workflow through the capabilities that Welcome provides.  

We are proud to have Welcome on board to further enhance our DXP offering, and we look forward to sharing more about how you will be able to manage the full content and campaign lifecycle in a complete end-to-end solution. 

Welcome was founded in 2007 and now has more than 150 employees in four offices around the world. Designed with the modern marketer in mind, Welcome is a type of Content Marketing Platform, which enables marketers to create and deliver content, collaborate with their organization, and manage digital assets. Learn more at Welcome website.

Welcome headquarters is in New York City, and they have offices in Colorado, London, and Bangladesh.

Welcome is a Content Marketing Platform (CMP) that offers best-in-class calendaring, content editing, workflow, and publishing capabilities. Through it’s marketing resource management, Welcome helps marketing teams better manage ad hoc requests and team resources. It’s digital asset management (DAM) is a suite of native, fully-integrated storage capabilities with support for all marketing assets and formats.