Stop launching, start rolling out​

Stop dealing with painful merge conflicts. Move away from long-lived feature branches and start adopting feature flags for greater development velocity, safer code deployments and increased developer productivity.

Prove value with experimentation​

Experiment with feature flags to build solutions that deliver value and make smarter decisions with statistically sound data in real-time. If you detect errors, performance spikes or user backlash, just switch off the feature toggle to roll back. Make your release process more resilient without redeploying code or redefining budgets. 

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The most robust feature flagging platform

Building a culture of experimentation in product development is hard, so we want to make it easy. It can be an uphill battle to change an organization’s culture, especially with high upfront costs. That's why we launched feature flagging for free. We believe rolling out features is just a step on the journey to experiment-driven product development.

As companies mature, the next step is embracing A/B testing as part of the process of rolling out features. We’ve built free feature flagging on top of our paid Server-side Experimentation platform so you can do just that. If you want to learn more about why we built Free Feature Flagging, read this blog post.

Our Free Feature Flagging plan uses the same CDN, SDKs and infrastructure for its cloud-based interface as our paid Server-side Experimentation solution. 

Some organizations do choose this route. However, we've seen that teams often struggle to invest sufficiently in their in-house or open-source feature flagging solution, making it hard to ensure that it's up-to-date, bug-free and well documented. In addition, when the primary owner of the solution changes roles or leaves the company, there is often a scramble to figure out how to maintain the solution. Companies that adopt feature flagging can be confident in actively maintained solutions and comprehensive documentation.

Additionally, in-house systems often lack easy-to-use interfaces and support for multiple levels of permissions. Free Feature Flagging comes with a straightforward, cloud-based interface for managing feature flags and rollouts, multiple permission levels and a Jira Integration to provide visibility across teams.

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Start releasing products smarter with feature flags and rollouts. Prove value with A/B testing. Built on Optimizely Server-side Experimentation.

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