Optimize everywhere

Experiment across your entire stack - content, algorithms, web, apps and OTT - to create impactful customer experiences.

Hyper personalized

Enhance your personalization efforts with targeted, fast and accurate testing.

Targeted rollouts

Control which audiences see a variation of a feature with feature flags and targeted rollouts. Use Advanced Audience Targeting to leverage your existing customer data.

Decouple deployment from release

Ease the pressure on engineers with sophisticated feature management tools. Push code to anywhere, then ramp the release via UI.

Revolutionize your product delivery

Take control of the process and deliver features your users will love with our best of breed feature experimentation and feature management tool

Intuitive cross team collaboration

Improve experimentation velocity with native planning tools, or integrate your chosen workflow tools. Collaborate across Product, Marketing, Engineering and Data Science teams.

  • Idea backlog - collaborate on experiment hypotheses with ease
  • Workflow and approvals - safely increase cadence with customizable workflows
  • Experiment collaboration - powerful and intuitive collaboration tools built right in​

Best of breed experimentation tools and data rigor

Trust your decisions with data, and move forward confidently. We give you the tools to leverage clear and actionable experimentation results, fast — delivered in a well-documented and zero-latency SDK.

  • Stats engine - run experiments with high statistical rigor, review experiments with intuitive results
  • MAB + Stats Accelerator - start optimizing for win rate while your experiments are in flight​

We can now get an early signal from the Optimizely Results dashboard within a few days, whereas before it would have taken weeks or longer for someone on our analytics team to pull the data and understand what was going on.

John Cline
Engineering Lead, Growth & Member Experience, Blue Apron

Powerful targeting for granular personalization

Choose which customer data to align experiments with and target with extreme precision. Tailor experiments and releases to your pre-defined audience cohorts in real time.

  • Audience builder - intuitive interface for defining granular audiences ​
  • CDP connect - connect your third party CDP and leverage existing audience segments​
  • Advanced Audience Targeting - real-time segments for zero latency audience targeting​

Comprehensive feature management tool set

Roll out specific features to specific audiences, and roll back just as easily. Powerful feature management capabilities decouple code deployment from release freeing up engineering resources and enabling safe releases from the UI.​

  • REST API - customized integrations and workflows​
  • Targeted deliveries - comprehensive feature management tools​

Optimizely's platform integration makes it appealing for large enterprise deployments, and it provides strong capabilities for 
executing testing across different channels and using different testing techniques.

"The Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimization Platforms

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Explore the capabilities

Deep dive the many experimentation and feature management capabilities of our Feature Experimentation.

  • Custom configuration
  • Experiment collaboration
  • Optimizely Stats Engine
  • Omni channel experimentation
  • Data tools
  • No latency SDKs
  • Analytics
  • Behavioral targeting & segmentation
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • CDP connect
  • Progressive delivery
  • Targeted rollouts
  • Feature personalization
  • Flag scheduling
  • Multiple features per flag

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