Headless content management​

Centralize your digital experiences across all channels and properties​

Freedom of choice

Separate backend content management from frontend presentation in a headless environment so you can deliver better experiences.

Headless, not brainless

Use AI-powered 1:1 content recommendations to personalize every visitor’s digital experience and APIs to make it work seamlessly across all channels.

No limits

Don’t limit the number of content types, records, roles, role types or assets you store so you can have more freedom to personalize your configuration.

Best of both worlds

Use a headless approach when you need to and quickly launch other coupled models with ease. Continue capitalizing rapidly when current or future projects have a different delivery model. Build using JavaScript libraries, like Angular and React.​​

Boost metrics without changing platforms 

Target audiences with relevant content and products, then test your changes to deliver a personalized experience to every channel. Manage content, optimization, online stores and all digital projects, wherever they are deployed.

Trusted by 9,000+ businesses and millions of happy customers

The main advantage for Santander is that it is a lot easier to develop and manage online banking internally, and in less time.

Peter Leijon Spjuth
Manager of Digital Channels, Santander Consumer Bank​