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Artificial Intelligence (AI). It might be scary; it might be exciting. But it's here, the hype is real and we're only getting started with artificial intelligence tools.   

As per the Goldman Sachs strategy team, AI apps will boost company profits by 30% in the next decade. 

But here's the other reality: If you're planning to only rely on AI tools for content and design, you're basically investing in bad first impressions at scale.   

Using generic prompts on AI tools will give you generic results and messaging. So, when people land on pages filled with flat, mediocre content and design, their experience won't be great. You'll never be able to convert them into actual customers. 

So, use generative AI like a friend that can support your ideas, help you build them faster, and do more with a smaller team. 

Search engines and social media, especially LinkedIn, are full of posts on options including ai video tools, chrome extensions, GPT (GPT-3, GPT-4, AutoGPT, etc.), and more. 

Ready to try the best AI tools but don’t have hundreds of hours to research? 

We tested the best AI tools to find relevant AI use cases, so you don’t have to. See how tools based on ai models can help you bring your best to work in real time. 

1. ChatGPT

What you can do with Microsoft’s AI tool:

  • Generate compelling marketing copy.
  • Conduct market research for insights.
  • Create content ideas for your strategy.


In action

Brainstorm headlines with this large language model

Part 1: Get 
  • List features 

how to add a prompt to ChatGPT

  • Features -> Benefits 

add benefits of your product to ChatGPT

  • Write the headlines 

I like the theme ‘scale up your experimentation more seamlessly.’ 

Using that as an example, I automate text prompts and ask for more headlines. 

Image showing automated text prompts

image highlighting the benefits of a product

Most are boring, but what stands out is ‘Unlock the power of your website.’ Time to turn it into something better. 

  • Get creative 

Slow websites are an issue. Connect a relatable theme with this challenge.  

Taking a train is a hassle if it’s late or slow. 

how ai connect the issue with a product as a solution

Make it shorter and ask for more examples 

image showing ai generated headlines for a topic

The fun isn’t over though. 

Part 2: Final output

We focused on why Optimizely is good. Let’s show why not having Optimizely is bad. 

  • Let's understand Optimizely's alternatives and their disadvantages 

AI-generated alternatives of a SaaS product

  • Disadvantages 

AI-generated output showing the disadvantages of a product

  • Phrases and quotes are perfect to build your headlines so based on the above themes, find what you need. 

AI-generated output showing idioms around a topic

  • Results. Disadvantages + Phrases = Optimizely is the solution 

Put your website visitors in the driver’s seat with a CMS that’s effortless for everyone. 

Use this workflow to build personalized emails for prospect outreach

  • Find the right prospect/contact on the Sales Navigator tool. 
  • Use a prompt along these lines "Write a prospect email from {sales rep name}} on the three biggest digital challenges facing company X and how {{your company name}} can solve them." 
  • Your email outreach is now ready. 

2. Jasper AI

What you can do:

  • Make your content drafts more efficient and effective with this ai assistant.  
  • Train Jasper with your tone of voice to stay consistent with your ai content.  
  • AI chatbot to translate your content into over 30 languages. 


  • Free trial ✅ 
  • Creator ($ 49/month) 
  • Teams ($ 99/month) 
  • Business (Custom pricing)

In action

With plenty of options to pick from, you can generate thousands of words in a few minutes. 

Image showing options at Jasper AI tool

Jasper doesn’t write the entire content in one go. It takes input at every step and based on that, produces more fresh content. 

Image showing how Jasper produces content

You can create email templates for your outreach campaign. 

Image showing output for a sample email campaign

You can even let your creativity flow and instantly generate AI images for your content.   

Image showing output for ai generated images

Don’t know where to start? Jasper has a huge collection of saved templates to help you get started with the content creation process. 

Image showing a list of templates user can choose from the list

Once you start creating content and images, Jasper will learn from your prompts to create content as per your usual tone of voice. 

3. Notion AI

What you can do:

  • Automate tasks and save time. 
  • Write for pretty much every format. 
  • Get relevant content and insights for your marketing plans.


  • Free trial ✅ 
  • Plus ($ 8/month) 
  • Business ($ 15/month) 
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing) 

In action

Just be specific and notion can do pretty much anything for you. 

  • Brainstorming

Image showing prompt to write brainstorming ideas for a topicImage showing output for sample ideas around a topic

  • Blog writing 

Image showing prompt to write a blog postImage showing output for a sample blog article

  • Outlines 

Image showing prompt to write an outline

Image showing output for a sample website outline

  • Social media posts 

Image showing prompt to write a social postImage showing output for a sample social post

  • Press releases 

Image showing prompt to write a press releaseImage showing output for a sample press release

  • Creative stories 

Image showing prompt to write a creative storyImage showing output for a sample creative story

The list of options you can pick from goes on and on. 

4. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

What you can do:

  • Write headlines backed by data 
  • Get an SEO score for your headlines. 
  • Use AI to produce alternatives for a headline. 


  • Free trial ✅ 
  • 5 Premium headlines ($ 99/year) 
  • 10 Premium headlines ($ 149/year) 
  • 20 Premium headlines ($ 299/year) 
  • 60 Premium headlines ($ 599/year) 

In action

Start by copy-pasting your headline.

Image showing option to analyze any headline

Get a detailed view of your headlines score, SEO score, and word performance.

Image showing SEO scores of your headlines

Ask AI to generate alternatives.

Image showing how AI generates alternative images

5. Writesonic

What you can do:

  • Automated content generation. 
  • Copywriting assistance. 
  • Generate creative content ideas. 


  • Free trial ✅ 
  • Pro ($ 12.67/month) 
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing) 

In action

Here’s a tool to build a structure for your new blog. The free version allows 10,000 words in total to start your journey. 
You have different options to pick from: 

Writesonic homepage showing options

Let’s take the topic ‘How to personalize your website in 2023’ as an example. 

We will use the ‘AI Article Writer 5.0’ to build our first draft. 

Option to enter inputs for ai generated blog

Select reference articles that you want to use to create your copy.  

Before generating your article, add relevant keywords and your article focus. 

Option to add relevant keywords and other info

Now generate your article. The free versions generate sample blogs of up to 2,500 words based on the information you feed in the brief. 

There is a catch though. This AI tool counts both the input and output words, so if you're using a free version, use only 1 or 2 input articles. 

That’s it! Once you click on generate, the output will be ready. Here’s an example of what it looks like for the above topic. 

sample article generated

Note: Do not copy and paste this draft entirely. Use it as a reference to build your final draft. Add your own inputs and style of copy. That’ll give your content a higher chance of ranking on the internet. 

6. Gigapixel AI art tool from Topaz Labs 

What you can do:

  • Improve low-resolution photos 
  • Enhance detail and resolution 
  • Improve quality with instant ai image enhancement. 


  • Free trial ✅ 
  • Pro ($ 99.99/year) 

In action

Tool for cleaning up images

Image source: Gigapixel AI 

Another great example of an art generator is imgupscaler

7. Generate content with Optimizely’s CMP

What you can do:

  • Generate intelligent text or have image generation in a click. 
  • Ensure content quality at every stage with endless integrations. 
  • Get relevant SEO recommendations for content drafts. 


  • Free trial ✅ 
  • Start ($0/month)
  • Manage ($79/user/month)
  • Create (custom pricing)
  • Orchestrate (custom pricing)

In action

AI Content Generator Gif

But that's not all. Optimizely is already thinking about how you can bring your concepts into practice and prove their worth in real-time. 

Knowing what readers want is taking away a writer's creative time. But there's a way to avoid it.

Grab your headphones and give this 'smarter-and-easier-experimentation-with-ai' video a listen to find out.


2023 is a culture of more, more, more — in the world of the internet, algorithms, and ai technology. More content, more visuals, and more ways to create demand for what you're selling. 

However, most AI tools are great at summarizing ideas not creating them during content creation. So, it's your input and creativity that really matters, not copy-pasted templates.

While AI has so much potential and it's only going to get better, resist the temptation to take the volume route using AI tools or machine learning. Instead, combine your ideas to create high-quality content.

It is what will impact business growth, especially if you’re a startup or belong to the ecommerce industry. 

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