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We all know the web is evolving at breath-taking speed. But with Optimizely, the world’s fastest experimentation platform, your brand can keep up the pace – and even start to set it. That’s because we accelerate the entire process of creating high-performance experiences based on powerful customer insights. 

Two million experiments and counting 

Behind every great digital experience there’s a great digital experiment. And we know that better than anybody after delivering almost 2 million experiments for more than 9,000 brands. It’s an unparalleled level of experience that means we understand exactly what digital marketers need to run great experiments that increase revenue and reduce the costs of customer acquisition. 

Experimentation isn’t just a single thing 

Every business is unique. Every website is different. And every customer is looking for a different kind of experience. Optimizely web experimentation allows you to effortlessly A/B test your digital assets at scale based on real-world data. In doing so, we deliver the power to constantly hone and refine digital elements such as copy, CTAs, and button placement, until you know exactly what drives your customers to convert.  

Launch new features safely 

If the thought of launching new features feels daunting, not to worry. You’re in safe hands. Because with Optimizely web experimentation, you can continuously monitor new feature releases with staged rollouts and safe rollbacks, then make informed, data-backed decisions about every aspect of your website. 

Why guess… when you can test? 

Optimizely is all about putting customer sentiment at the heart of your decision making. In doing so, it eliminates the need to rely on hunches, guesswork or the loudest voice in the room. You have an idea, you test it out in the real-world, and you find out whether or not it works. It’s scientific. It’s objective. And above all, it works.  

The need for speed 

Most platforms process experiments in the browser, which slows down page loading times and can sometimes look like a slight glitch. All the data shows that even the smallest delay can significantly increase bounce rates and reduce time spent on page. Our Performance Edge platform, however, shifts processing from the browser to the edge. That ensures your pages load faster than the blink of an eye while you run your experiments.  

The business case for web experimentation 

The more you experiment, the more you learn what makes your customers tick (and what doesn’t). And the more effectively you optimize your pages, the more visitors you convert. In other words, web experimentation invites you into a virtuous circle of constant refinement that boosts revenue and reduces customer acquisition costs - all without increasing your advertising spend and developer workload.  

Optimizely – the proven web experimentation platform 

Market leaders across ecommerce, media, financial services, and technology trust Optimizely to manage, measure and scale their web experimentation. Take HP, for example. A series of web experimentation campaigns generated over $21M in incremental revenue. Or IBM, who increased their efficiency scaling by a factor of 20 by running concurrent web experiments. And The Wall Street Journal saw a 64% uplift in digital subscription rates by testing messages and sign-up field placement. 

Let us support your experimentation 

These are just three examples of the ways in which we’ve supported marketing teams in building better products that drive conversions. And we can do the same for you, using A/B and multivariate testing to optimize every aspect of your web experience from messaging and imagery to forms and layout. Check out the demo to see how it all works in practice. Isn’t it time to stop guessing - and start testing?