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Simple websites were initially supposed to be a window into a brand. But as brand, content and business increasingly transitioned online, digital experience became synonymous with customer experience, and now it’s among the most critical investment priorities for companies. Now, for so many businesses around the world, the digital presence has become the business itself.

For more than two decades, Episerver established the digital brand, content and business for thousands of companies around the world. But as we begin to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, there’s no doubt the landscape has shifted significantly, and the importance of continuing to disrupt ourselves has never been greater.

Modern customer experiences are delivered over the cloud, and those experiences require an ecosystem of skill sets, from marketers to product managers and engineers. Our customers are more data-driven than ever, integrating creativity with science. As the bar for innovation continues to rise, we recognized the time was right for us to evolve our focus to meet the moment.

We Are Never Done

Digital is continuing to accelerate and in unexpected ways. What that means for us is optimizing our proposition to our customers so we never fall behind the expectations from their customers. As the digital experience is continuously evolving, so are we.

More than ten years after Optimizely’s founding, brands have embraced a culture of experimentation and testing as a way to innovate, stay relevant and evolve. We believe this notion of continuous incremental change is the precise essence of the value we offer as a company -- creating and optimizing digital experiences. Just like our customers, we are never done.

Episerver’s legacy will always be the effective creation of the DXP category. More than 9,000 brands create and personalize content and commerce through our solutions. Combined with Optimizely’s advancements in experimentation, its future will be about cementing our position as the undisputed category leader..In the last two years, we’ve become the ultimate enabler of a scientific mindset, offering a digital experience platform that creates and optimizes experiences based on outcomes. That’s why going forward, we’re proud to embrace our future as Optimizely.

All of the creativity and science of digital is reflected in our brand identity. The open “O” in our logo and the colorful parts of the circle symbolize the richness of ideas and potential every company has. It communicates optimism that comes with embracing a learning culture at the core of the digital mindset.

Building momentum in the marketplace

We have been building momentum over the past 24 months, acquiring multiple companies and solidifying our team as the category leader for Digital Experience Platforms. Now, we have a recognizable brand name to take us to the next level, developing new standards for using scientific thinking to target, personalize, and recommend the right content to the right person.

Staying Humble. Staying Bold.

I want to express gratitude to my team for their passion and resilience. Making a brand change like this during a time of great uncertainty and challenge is a tall order, and I’ve been blown away by the dedication I’ve seen throughout our organization. Our vision going forward is ambitious, but we’re confident the strength of our culture comes from being humble in serving our customers and telling our story through their successes. And of course, I want to thank all of the optimistic leaders at our customers and partners who have allowed us to empower them and evolve and optimize their digital experiences. Now, the real work begins.