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Through all the chaos, it’s important to take a moment to reflect and celebrate the good being done. That’s why we thought we’d showcase some of our customers going above and beyond. 

We wanted to shine a light on those companies that are helping to pave the way for positive change in the communities they serve. Optimizely customers are stepping up to provide COVID-19 resources to their customers, critically analyze their diversity and inclusion efforts, drive awareness around the environment and more. There are countless companies doing extraordinary things that are worth celebrating.

Recently, Julian Dawkins from Optimizely and I shared a virtual coffee and highlighted some of the work Optimizely customers are doing for the greater good. Watch now to learn what companies like Dakota Supply Group and St John New Zealand are up to.  

What does it take for companies to combat all the change and disruption 2020 has brought forth? Here’s a few of the characteristics Julian and I highlight in our conversation:

  • Empathy and compassion
  • Returning to your roots and core principles
  • Authenticity
  • A strong digital infrastructure that allows you to respond quickly and effectively
  • Understanding your customers’ greatest challenges and pains
  • Agile, flexible mentalities 

We’re proud to be the digital experience partner to so many innovative and caring companies.  

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